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Discipline: All - Whitewater Kayak - SUP - Fish

Who's talking about you? The Playak Factor tracks the online attention for paddling athletes and brands by scanning more than 1500 paddling sites for your personal names and brand names, and weighing the matches by site importance, clicks and text position.

The Playak Factor

We are currently tracking online media coverage of the following athletes and brands. Athletes get free access to their own stats, and brands can subscribe to their stats, and even track the coverage on their team members. To get access to the details, please login first, and then click one of the claim buttons below.


Alan Ryland (Jackson Kayak)
Alex Tejeda (Jackson Kayak)
Allen Bushnell (Kokatat)
Allen Sansano (Kokatat)
Barry Wilson (Jackson Kayak)
Ben Roussel (Jackson Kayak)
Brad Hole (Kokatat)
Brady Sullivan (Jackson Kayak)
Brian Cadoret (Jackson Kayak)
Bridgett Howard (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Brooks Beatty (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Bryce Molenkamp (Kokatat)
Cameron Cardoza (Jackson Kayak)
Chad Hoover
Charles Ganoe (Jackson Kayak)
Chris Funk (Jackson Kayak)
Chuck Espiritu (Kokatat)
Clint Taylor (Jackson Kayak)
Courtney Kerin (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat, Pau Hana)
Craig Davis (Kokatat)
Cru Cabler (Jackson Kayak)
Damon Bungard (Jackson Kayak)
Dan McCain
Danny Bell (Jackson Kayak)
Dave Williams (Jackson Kayak)
David Morris (Palm Equipment)
Dennis Skou (Kokatat)
Dino Cerdeira (Jackson Kayak)
Drew Camp (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Drew Gregory (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Ed Gibson (Palm Equipment)
Edward Anderson (Jackson Kayak)
Eric Boyd (Jackson Kayak)
Eric Harrison (Kokatat)
Eric Jackson (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Erik Lorenz (Jackson Kayak)
Esteban Gutierrez (Jackson Kayak)
Ethan Funk (Jackson Kayak)
Evan Howard (Jackson Kayak)
Freya Fennwood
Gary Robinson (Palm Equipment)
Gene Jenson
Gregg Crisp (Jackson Kayak)
Hal Lambert (Jackson Kayak)
Henry Jackson (Jackson Kayak)
Henry Waszczuk (Jackson Kayak)
Herschel Finch (Jackson Kayak)
Hunter King (Jackson Kayak)
Hutch Hutchison
Isaac Miller (Jackson Kayak, NRS)
James McBeath (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Jameson Redding (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Jan Liska (Jackson Kayak)
Jarrod McGehee (Jackson Kayak)
Jason Stutts (Jackson Kayak)
Jeff Baker (Jackson Kayak)
Jeff Herman (Jackson Kayak)
Jeff Little (Kokatat)
Jeffrey Goudreau (Kokatat)
Jim Jozwiak (Jackson Kayak)
Jim Russell (Jackson Kayak)
Jim Sammons (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Jimmy Houston (Jackson Kayak)
John Deshauteurs (Jackson Kayak)
John Fullbright
Jonn Graham (Jackson Kayak)
Josh Henson (Jackson Kayak)
Josh Tidwell (Jackson Kayak)
Juan Veruete (Kokatat)
Justin Arakaki (Jackson Kayak)
Kelsey Helfrich
Ken Hoeve (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat, Surftech)
Kevin Whitley (Kokatat)
Kyle Fronrath (Jackson Kayak)
Len Zilkowsky (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Lucian Gizel (Kokatat)
Marcos Marroquin (Jackson Kayak)
Mark Crame (Palm Equipment)
Mark Palovik (Jackson Kayak)
Mark Radcliffe (Jackson Kayak)
Mark Veary (Kokatat)
Mark Wheeler (Jackson Kayak)
Matthew Trucks (Jackson Kayak)
Michael Harris (Jackson Kayak)
Mike Taylor (Jackson Kayak)
Musky Brothers (Jackson Kayak)
Nik Brown (Jackson Kayak)
Noah Heck (Kokatat)
Pat Cohen (Jackson Kayak)
Pat Kellner (Jackson Kayak)
Phil Roberts (Jackson Kayak)
Punta Mita Expeditions (Jackson Kayak)
Randy Morrow (Jackson Kayak)
Rich McDade (Jackson Kayak)
Richie Bekolay (Kokatat)
Rob Choi (Kokatat)
Robert Matthews (Jackson Kayak)
Roberto Briones (Jackson Kayak)
Rocky Ly (Jackson Kayak)
Sam Baxter (Jackson Kayak)
Scott Canterbury (Jackson Kayak)
Sean Brodie (Jackson Kayak)
Sean White (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Shawn Zenor (Jackson Kayak)
Sonya Baumstein
Stephen Laurie (Jackson Kayak, Kokatat)
Steve Gibson (Jackson Kayak)
Stewart Venable (Jackson Kayak)
T.J. Strong (Jackson Kayak)
Terry Wright (Jackson Kayak)
Todd Braswell (Jackson Kayak)
Todd Freitag
Todd Switzer (Kokatat)
Tom Reilly (Jackson Kayak)
Tray Collins (Jackson Kayak)
Zach Collier


Aqua Design
Aqua Marina
Astral Buoyancy
AT Paddles
Bonafide Kayaks
Freedom Hawk
Harmony Gear
Hobie Kayak
Jackson Kayak
Level Six
Native Watercraft
Ocean Kayak
Old Town
Palm Equipment
Pelican Sport
Werner Paddles
Wilderness Systems


Johnson Outdoors

Mainstream Brand

Sperry Top-Sider

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