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News Watch

The Playak News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, Playak editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

Time Site Headline
Oct 14standuppaddling.it Chris Cotton. Ritorno a Nazarè
Oct 11standuppaddling.it 7 suggerimenti per rendere il Surf divertente in Inverno
Oct 10standuppaddling.it  #PPG2018 Highlights
Oct 8standuppaddling.it Lincoln Dews e Candice Appleby vincono il titolo overall ai #PPG2018
Oct 7standuppaddling.it Un interessante progetto di un gruppo di studenti dell’IED
Oct 4standuppaddling.it Corinth Canal SUP Crossing 2018
Oct 3standuppaddling.it Watermania. L’onda di Maya
Oct 2standuppaddling.it  #PPG2018. Le gare
Oct 1standuppaddling.it Pacific Paddle Games 2018. -4
Sep 30standuppaddling.it Corinth Canal SUP Crossing rinviata!
Sep 29standuppaddling.it Music To Paddle With. 09/2018. The Pineapple Thief - Dissolution
Sep 27standuppaddling.it APP World Tour. Highlight video
Sep 26standuppaddling.it APP World Tour. New York SUP Open | gallery fotografica
Sep 25standuppaddling.it Tecnica di SUP Surfing - Frontside Re-entry
Sep 24standuppaddling.it Sean Poynter e Iballa Moreno si aggiudicano la prova di SUP Surfing al New York SUP Open
Sep 23standuppaddling.it GoPro presenta le Hero 7 Black, Silver e White
Sep 20standuppaddling.it Pacific Paddle Games 2018
Sep 19standuppaddling.it Tanaonda SUP Race 2018 - Report
Sep 18standuppaddling.it Starboard SUP 2019
Sep 17standuppaddling.it RSPro Front Deck Grip preview
Sep 16standuppaddling.it New York SUP Open. Prima giornata
Sep 13standuppaddling.it APP World Tour. New York SUP Open
Sep 13standuppaddling.it Trevor Tunnington| Islanda
Sep 12standuppaddling.it Watermania. Naish Slash 2018 kite review
Sep 11standuppaddling.it Bruno Hasulyo e Seychell Webster si aggiudicano la decima edizione della SUP 11-city Tour
Sep 10standuppaddling.it Tanaonda SUP race 2018 Bari
Sep 9standuppaddling.it Eurosup Oristano. Long Distance: Italia ad un passo dal podio
Sep 6standuppaddling.it Starboard Hypernut 2019 Teaser
Sep 5standuppaddling.it Wipeout of the month 09/2018
Sep 3standuppaddling.it Eurosup Sardinia 2018
Sep 2standuppaddling.it SUP 11-City Tour decima edizione
Aug 30standuppaddling.it Music To Paddle With. 08/2018. Blue States - Restless Spheres
Aug 29standuppaddling.it SUP Surf Tips With Sean Poynter - Impariamo il takeoff
Aug 28standuppaddling.it Saint Pierre Paddle Pro. Euro Tour
Aug 27standuppaddling.it Austin Kalama. Il futuro del SUP Foiling
Aug 26standuppaddling.it Noic Garioud e Fiona Wylde si aggiudicano il Double Downwinder alla Naish Columbia Paddle Challenge
Aug 23standuppaddling.it Connor Baxter - migliorare l’efficienza della pagaiata
Aug 22standuppaddling.it Corinth Canal SUP Crossing 2018
Aug 21standuppaddling.it Nixon | The Four Moors: a journey through Sardinia
Aug 20standuppaddling.it NSP introduce le nuove tavole SUP Race 2019
Aug 19standuppaddling.it Starboard Airline Race Team Italia
Aug 16standuppaddling.it Starboard 2019. I primi prodotti
Aug 15standuppaddling.it Confermate le date degli ultimi tre eventi dell’APP World Tour 2018



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