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Playak Flows

Welcome to Playak Flows, where you can find flows from all over the world, wave heights, water levels and more. Click on a region below to get a list of locations covered within that region. If you can't find your region and want me to add it, please contact me.

Region#GaugesLast update
Belgium54 hrs. ago
Canada, BC12Aug 11 2015
DE, HB16 hrs. ago
DE, NS13 hrs. ago
DE, SH25 hrs. ago
Denmark13 hrs. ago
England62 hrs. ago
France496 hrs. ago
Ireland300Feb 12
Netherlands37 hrs. ago
Norway13Apr 1 2014
South Africa630Nov 12 2014
Switzerland24519 min. ago
US, AK1521 hour ago
US, AL20329 min. ago
US, AR22514 min. ago
US, AZ24554 min. ago
US, CA5911 hour ago
US, CO40259 min. ago
US, CT8929 min. ago
US, DC549 min. ago
US, DE2159 min. ago
US, FL86744 min. ago
US, GA35744 min. ago
US, HI166Feb 11
US, IA2341 hour ago
US, ID26744 min. ago
US, IL3511 hour ago
US, IN29214 min. ago
US, KS26529 min. ago
US, KY2281 hour ago
US, LA27844 min. ago
US, MA20529 min. ago
US, MD20519 min. ago
US, ME11059 min. ago
US, MI26359 min. ago
US, MN27429 min. ago
US, MO37329 min. ago
US, MS17459 min. ago
US, MT23517 hrs. ago
US, NC36924 min. ago
US, ND1571 hour ago
US, NE23124 min. ago
US, NH11429 min. ago
US, NJ22929 min. ago
US, NM446Feb 12
US, NV3211 hour ago
US, NY334Feb 15
US, OH34659 min. ago
US, OK29029 min. ago
US, OR31844 min. ago
US, PA4811 hour ago
US, PR1961 hour ago
US, RI844 min. ago
US, SC20029 min. ago
US, SD1671 hour ago
US, TN1711 hour ago
US, TX7991 hour ago
US, UT14922 hrs. ago
US, VA24444 min. ago
US, VT2529 min. ago
US, WA3761 hour ago
US, WI2811 hour ago
US, WV13044 min. ago
US, WY1502 hrs. ago

If you want to include your local flows in the Playak Flows Database, please contact Jeroen by using the contact form from the top menu (under Playak). Please send me all relevant details, most important is that I know where I can collect the realtime flows from the Internet.




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GuyThaLizard added a video. 3 hours 33 minutes ago

Kayaking Lake Minden California 2016 02 12

An RV park private lake. It is a small puddle, was nice to stretch our webbs in the water after not seeing very many lakes in California. Heading...

supzero added a video. yesterday

Copa Porsche presents SUP Polo Jalisco State...

Get ready for SUP Polo action in Lake Chapala Jalisco, February 20th and 21st as teams battle it out for the Jalisco State Championships. Mexican...

richardohman added a video. yesterday

Weekend by Whisky 16, Stockholm Archipelago.

Weekend around Utö & Ålö islands in the southern part of Stockholm Archipelago. Amazing as always! Kayaks: Point 65 Whisky 16 Point 65 XP18 RS

supzero added a video. 2 days ago

Quicktips Dave Kalama: Swim with your Paddle

In this Quick Tip, Dave Kalama talks about how to swim with your paddle when stand up paddle surfing

supzero added a video. 2 days ago

Quicktips Dave Kalama: Reach

In this Quick Tip Dave Kalama talks about REACH as it applies to stand up paddling

supzero added a video. 2 days ago

surf survey

supzero added a video. 2 days ago

Quick Tips: Dave Kalama Get Faster

In this Quick Tip Dave Kalama talks about how to get progressively faster when stand up paddling

supzero added a video. 2 days ago

QB Tips: Dave Kalama- Training Paddle Mindset

ntroutman added a video. 2 days ago

GoPro: Mexican Kayak Adventure

Nick Troutman joins up with some friends in Mexico for some more adventures down the river.

hoodriveryoungbuck added a video. 2 days ago

just another hike in the pnw

respect mama earth .

Pat and wizzer added a video. 3 days ago

Asahidake Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding with...

Great Day Snowboarding: Asahidake Backcoutry Skiing & Snowboarding Tour in Hokkaido, Japan by Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures 北海道・大雪山...

JohnChenciner added a video. 3 days ago

Lei Days // Tatiana Weston-Webb

Body Glove is proud to present Lei Days with Tatiana Weston-Webb. Shot entirely on location in Maui following her equal 5th finish in the 2015...

MikeTavares added a video. 3 days ago

Beach Wheeling - Onewheel - Virginia Beach -...

Onewheelin with the Virginia Beach Posse. When its too flat to surf.....Onewheel!

supzero added a video. 3 days ago

Surf Mexico Kids Surf Camp

The Surf Mexico Kids Camp is a great way to introduce kids to the ocean environment and gain confidence. Similiar age kids embark on an adventure...

lukelongridge shared 145 photos in the Thrombi X-Fest 2015 album 3 days ago

Photos are being loaded
carockayaks added a video. 4 days ago

Marruecos rafting, kayak y trekking

Expedición a Marruecos practicando rafting, kayak y trekking organizadas por UrNomade. Más info en:

hoodriveryoungbuck added a video. 4 days ago

Green Truss RPM

I'm always looking for something new. heres a video of my first time taking the rpm down the green truss of the white salmon. the canyon walls are...

supsdotnet added a video. 4 days ago

Board Meeting Episode 13: Paddling Drills

Welcome to another episode of Board Meeting. In this episode, Robert and I will talk about some tips and drills that you can practice in flat water...

hoodriveryoungbuck added a video. 4 days ago


Prion T-slalom is still kicking strong.

ramazza added a video. 4 days ago

Nowhere in Asia - a documentary of a kayaking...

An international team of paddlers in July 2015 completed the descent of 3 rivers: Karagem, Argut, Katun in the Altai mountains, south of Siberia. A...

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