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Playak Flows

Welcome to Playak Flows, where you can find flows from all over the world, wave heights, water levels and more. Click on a region below to get a list of locations covered within that region. If you can't find your region and want me to add it, please contact me.

Region#GaugesLast update
Belgium54 hrs. ago
Canada, BC12Jun 9 2014
DE, HB18 hrs. ago
DE, NS19 hrs. ago
DE, SH25 hrs. ago
Denmark11 hour ago
England66 hrs. ago
France492 hrs. ago
Ireland30020 hrs. ago
Netherlands317 min. ago
Norway13Apr 1 2014
South Africa630Nov 12 2014
Switzerland2361 hour
US, AK14538 min. ago
US, AL19853 min. ago
US, AR21653 min. ago
US, AZ2422 hrs. ago
US, CA57053 min. ago
US, CO38813 min. ago
US, CT8238 min. ago
US, DC558 min. ago
US, DE211 hour ago
US, FL83323 min. ago
US, GA35353 min. ago
US, HI156May 24
US, IA2191 hour ago
US, ID26223 min. ago
US, IL34123 min. ago
US, IN2601 hour ago
US, KS25638 min. ago
US, KY21558 min. ago
US, LA26853 min. ago
US, MA19953 min. ago
US, MD2021 hour ago
US, ME10823 min. ago
US, MI24611 min. ago
US, MN24238 min. ago
US, MO36723 min. ago
US, MS17138 min. ago
US, MT22538 min. ago
US, NC34738 min. ago
US, ND1551 hour ago
US, NE22423 min. ago
US, NH1131 hour ago
US, NJ22323 min. ago
US, NM43823 min. ago
US, NV26853 min. ago
US, NY314May 29
US, OH3161 hour ago
US, OK27053 min. ago
US, OR31423 min. ago
US, PA4681 hour ago
US, PR19338 min. ago
US, RI72 hrs. ago
US, SC18538 min. ago
US, SD16343 min. ago
US, TN16123 min. ago
US, TX76232 min. ago
US, UT14638 min. ago
US, VA20653 min. ago
US, VT241 hour ago
US, WA35853 min. ago
US, WI27838 min. ago
US, WV1291 hour ago
US, WY14623 min. ago

If you want to include your local flows in the Playak Flows Database, please contact Jeroen by using the contact form from the top menu (under Playak). Please send me all relevant details, most important is that I know where I can collect the realtime flows from the Internet.




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