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Noah Avito 'G' Review

Following our poll about the 'smaller' boat manufacturers, [mail address protected from spambots with javascript] reviews the Noah Avito, a new addition to the playboat market.

My grandmother use to say 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. And with the Avito from Noah I think this old maxim runs true. If this kayak were to be entered into the prestigious awards for the ugly, it would win for sure. However, let us not take appearances for granted. With no sales hype surrounding the boat, it is down to the 'thinking' mind of the individual as to whether they can perform in it.

Like all the Noah craft, trade mark accelerator grooves are cut into the bottom whilst the front of the boat features heel bumps for the feet. The latter innovation coupled with the former allows the paddler to initiate cartwheels easier without sacrificing balance, much like a raised 'power type' seat system. And because of the grooves the heel bumps do not impede the flat hull: thus the paddler has the ability to spin and blunt.

The Avito G is the largest of the playboat range and although wide in the beam, it is suitable a wide range of rivers and playspots. There are smaller 'S' models now available, which are more suited to play paddling, but again it is down to the paddler which kayaks suits them best.

As with other playboats the fittings and the actual design are as important as each other. The much copied Noah seat is fully adjustable both for and aft whilst high quality foam walls act as buoyancy whilst also keeping the paddler snug in the boat. The front foam is sculpted on the ankles and heels so that it partly eliminates the need for a foot block, whilst the back foam is positioned in such away as to act as a back band. Again this is ideal for those that don't like the stress of all the loose fittings. But if this isn't you bag, back bands can be fitted onto the seat.

I like boats tight, however even though I am 6'2" and carrying reserves ( for expedition paddling of course ) the Avito is more comfortable that the Zwo, Delerious, Amp or similar ( though this is the bigger 'G' model ).

Design wise, I would make your own mind up. The boat looks almost as wide as it does long. Perhaps this is to prove the revolution of the 'spud-type' boats. The volume of the kayak is centred on the middle, which allows easy and stable cartwheels. On end it doesn't feel as slicey as some of the new playboat designs, but it does feel in control in both holes and on the flat. I have been able to grind big green surf waves and pull ends in 3 cumecs with this boat, so I am happy.

All In all the kayak is perhaps set to be a perpetual classic and like the original Noah rodeo boat, the AQ, it is no doubt going to set a trend rather than follow fashion.

Action shots of the Avito: surf, splat, carthweel and cartwheel again.

[mail address protected from spambots with javascript] , May 23 2001.


For further information visit the Noah UK website.
All Pictures by [mail address protected from spambots with javascript] .



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