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Rodeo: hand blunt

The hand blunt shown in a C1. There is no reason not to try this in a K1 of course. Just let go of your paddle :-)

The hand blunt is a very dynamic move that looks very cool but relies on the confidence of the paddler to pull the move off. The ability to use your hips to control the boat is also very useful.

EJ Doing a hand blunt

  1. This is the first part of the move where you need to get a very powerful forward stroke into to the move to get the power to make it dynamic. The more power that come of this stoke decides on the speed of the blunt.
  2. This is the pull of the power stroke keep the boat moving forward and start thinking ahead of what you are about to do and where you are going to place the boat.
  3. At the end of the power stoke use the blade as a bow rudder and pull towards the boat to make the boat start moving towards a front surf position.
  4. Pull the blade forwards to start the sweep into the blunt.
  5. Dig the blade in fast to pull the boat into a front position.
  6. Carry on pulling the blade round on the sweep.
  7. Once the boat is at about 45 degrees to the wave start to pull the blade out of the water.
  8. Carry on pulling the blade out and turn your head from concentrating on the blade to thinking about placement of you hand and the movement of your hips.
  9. Pull the blade out of the water and twist your hips towards the side you are going to blunt on.
  10. Take your hand of your blade and put it into the water, use it like a paddle to pull the boat round. This is where the hip control starts to come in, you need to tilt the boat onto the side your hand is on.
  11. Really start to lean the boat onto the hand and dig the hand in to provide the pull you need. You now need to use your hips like you were throwing an end and twist your torso into to move to help it wind up.
  12. The front now digs and you have to rely on momentum to keep you going. Keep you hand in the water for support and push your paddle forward in the air to provide that bit more momentum to stop the boat from stalling.
  13. Keep your blade out of the water else it will catch at this point just let the boat move around you and lap up the people cheering as they see this cool move work.
  14. You now want to take hole of the paddle again to help support to stop the boat rolling over and screwing up the end of the move.
  15. This is where you start to put the blade in the water to set up for the next move after this one.
  16. Keep the boat rotating using your hips else it will flip. This is where the hip control comes in you have to maintain the movement of the body else it all fails.
  17. Start to bring the blade round into the water to keep the boat rotating so it does not stall
  18. This is where you can turn the move into what you want, I recommend a end set or a clean spin.



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