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Kayak de Mer. Présentation de la 5ème Breizh Ocean Racing

Daily Motion (6 hrs. ago) - Philippe Blanquet (Vice prsident du comite dpartemental Canoe-Kayak du Morbihan) vous prsente la 5me BREIZH OCEAN RACING qui se droule ce week-end entre Gavres et la baie de Quiberon. Les images de Bruno Perrel.Autor: LetelegrammeTags: Bretagne BREIZH OCEAN RACING Canoe-Kayak sport Philippe Blanquet gepostet: 24 Oktober 2014Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Led Kıyafetle Gece Karda Kayak Keyfi

Daily Motion (8 hrs. ago) - Autor: dizigutusuTags: Afterglow Aık anahtarlı şifreleme Mesmerising footage Led Kıyafetle Gece Karda Kayak Keyfi ski keyif midnight LED gepostet: 24 Oktober 2014Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Woman's 2,500-mile kayaking trip stops in Annapolis, Maryland

Daily Motion (10 hrs. ago) - Deb Walters, 63, is doing what few people her age would even try. She's kayaking from Maine to Guatemala to raise money for Guatemalan children in need, who live in the city dump.Autor: WBALTVTags: kayaking Deb Walters Guatemala donations Guatemalan video gepostet: 24 Oktober 2014Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Daily Motion (14 hrs. ago) - Enjoy our Top 10 n5: 1 Surfing Indoors! Flow Riding in 4K – Devin Super Tramp – Wakeskate 2 Windsurf PWA La Torche 2014 – Day 4 – La Torche World Cup 2014 – Windsurf 3 CMH Dreamland - Salomon Freeski TV S8 EO2 - by Salomon - Ski 4- Leo Fioravanti in Mentawaii – Leo Fioravanti - Surf 5- BMX – Kvin Kalkoff Shadow & Subrosa 2014 Video – The Come Up BMX – BMXt  read more...

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Les naka

Daily Motion (16 hrs. ago) - Dpart pour un mini raid nocturne des Naka le 23 octobre 2014Autor: insdeltTags: Naka Cano-kayak Cano Bassin dArcachon La Teste-de-Buch drone phantom dji gepostet: 24 Oktober 2014Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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6 hrs. agoYoutube Cornwall Vlogs: AMAZING KAYAK ADVENTURE | Adam Kay
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8 hrs. agoYoutube Expand and Extend - Canoe Slalom Women in Nepal (2013)
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13 hrs. agoYoutube L'Arc-en-Ciel& #12398;hyde& #12364;& #12510;& #12524;& #12501;& #12451;& #12475;& #12531;& #12488;& #12398;& #12467;& #12473;& #12503;& #12524;& #12434;DAIGO& #12392;& #12398;2& #12471;& #12519;& #12483;& #12488;& #12391;& #25259;& #38706;& #65281;
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14 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak Fishing Tampa Bay101714
14 hrs. agoYoutube VALENCIA ADVENTURE Puenting en Valencia 13 de Septiembre 2014
14 hrs. agoYoutube BEST CATCH ON KAYAK
15 hrs. agoYoutube The River Dart
15 hrs. agoYoutube มีงี้ด้วย? น้ำตกไหลขึ้น ไม่เคยเห็นต้องดู! A waterfall flows up above.
15 hrs. agoYoutube Le canoë kayak toulousain
16 hrs. agoYoutube How to Pack Safety Gear on your SUP or Kayak
16 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking the River Ouse, Sussex - Barcombe Mills to Isfield Weir
16 hrs. agoYoutube Project to protect freshwater pearl mussels in Gwynedd river
17 hrs. agoDaily Motion Une chute de 30m en Kayak! Dingue...
17 hrs. agoYoutube carangue bleue
17 hrs. agoYoutube Fall Crappies 2014! Large Crappie and Sunfish! Northern Minnesota
17 hrs. agoYoutube LOGO
17 hrs. agoYoutube Esquimotatge amb kayak de mar a la Fosca
18 hrs. agoYoutube Pool Practice Fun
18 hrs. agoDaily Motion Navigate The Brutal Rapids Of The Business World With Calculated Risk
18 hrs. agoDaily Motion What Surviving Congo River Rapids Teaches Us About Always Being Tenacious
18 hrs. agoYoutube Amazing Moment a Kayaker Encounters a Group of Whales
18 hrs. agoYoutube CATALINA ISLAND
18 hrs. agoYoutube Sea Kayaking Around the Caves of Comino
19 hrs. agoYoutube Francy prima volta in kayak
19 hrs. agoYoutube Copy of Walking on Water
19 hrs. agoYoutube Carlisle Value Kayak Paddle
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