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The famous Playak News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. Playak editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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Perception Sport 13.0 Pescador Tandem Review

Daily Motion (11 hrs. ago) - Perception Sport 13.0 Pescador Tandem Review Perception Sport 13.0 Pescador Tandem CSS Seating SystemMolded in Foot bracesKayak Karrier HandlesBow and Stern Tankwells with BungeeAutor: Deettas5Tags: Perception Sport 13.0 Pescador Tandem gepostet: 30 August 2014Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Perception Sport 11.5 Striker Deluxe Kayak Review

Daily Motion (11 hrs. ago) - Perception Sport 11.5 Striker Deluxe Kayak Review Perception Sport 11.5 Striker Deluxe Kayak Autor: DebikjTags: Perception Sport 11.5 Striker Deluxe Kayak gepostet: 30 August 2014Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Time Site Headline
4 min. agoYoutube Paseo en kayak piragua
19 min. agoYoutube raiatea tahaa en kayak de mer
34 min. agoYoutube Orca Camp - Wildcoast Adventures
34 min. agoYoutube 20140830Taba-River (to Middle-Section from UshiganeBuchi)
34 min. agoYoutube DOGSLOVER Vines Compilation - August 30, 2014 Saturday Night
49 min. agoYoutube Longridge Training Camp 2k14
49 min. agoYoutube Quetico Provintial Park 2009
1 hour agoYoutube Ben Brown: GoPro Hero3 Norway Kayak Adventure
1 hour agoYoutube Kayak Bass Fishing - ONE BITE, ONE FISH.... each
1 hour agoYoutube Kayak Roll Over Practice wins
1 hour agoYoutube Moogerah BASS Kayak August 2014 John Noble Interview
1 hour agoYoutube Fishn' Hole (short version)
2 hrs. agoYoutube ANDROID Vines Compilation - August 30, 2014 Saturday Night
2 hrs. agoYoutube YOLO Vines Compilation - August 30, 2014 Saturday Night
2 hrs. agoYoutube EPICFAIL Vines Compilation - August 30, 2014 Saturday Night
3 hrs. agoYoutube Newcomb to Blackwell Stillwater Kayak Trip_August 24, 2014
3 hrs. agoYoutube lucky man gets lots of fish in uttarakhad flood
3 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak Surfing Atlantic Beach NC
3 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak Fishing on Lake Granbury
3 hrs. agoYoutube Boating
3 hrs. agoYoutube White Water Kayak Yarra River 30 August 2014
3 hrs. agoYoutube Hanks Outdoors: Kayak Bassin with GoPro!
4 hrs. agoYoutube How to Pronounce Henry C K Pettyfitzmaurice Lansdowne
4 hrs. agoYoutube Heron Lake Kayak & Suspension Bridge
4 hrs. agoYoutube Lego Canoeing
4 hrs. agoYoutube DAY IN THE LIFE: SUMMER 2014 FINAL DAYS
5 hrs. agoYoutube Ballenas en Kayak
5 hrs. agoYoutube White water rafting on the Penobscot river raft behind us flipped woman rescued
5 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking accident aftermath
5 hrs. agoYoutube WBC Youth White Water Rafting
5 hrs. agoYoutube Bernie Stewart's Manual-Automatic Kayak Stake Out Pole: Episode 71
5 hrs. agoYoutube GoPro - Summer 2k14
5 hrs. agoYoutube pargo release Kayak Fishing puerto rico
6 hrs. agoYoutube Afternoon Round... Went Kayak Fishing
6 hrs. agoYoutube Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Lake Powell Trip - Summer 2014
6 hrs. agoYoutube Sandy Bay to Blackmans Bay
6 hrs. agoYoutube Perranuthnoe
7 hrs. agoYoutube Bart Arrives!!
7 hrs. agoYoutube 17 Mile Beach - Blackstone Bay, Alaska
7 hrs. agoYoutube Candlewood Lake CT Fishing
7 hrs. agoYoutube 8 2014 musky fishing
8 hrs. agoYoutube THE ISLE OF SKYE
8 hrs. agoYoutube Eberhard Lake Turtle Kayaking HD
8 hrs. agoYoutube charity water - Hola Soy German
8 hrs. agoYoutube Slayer 13 Propel Rigging
8 hrs. agoYoutube high bracing for whitewater kayakers
8 hrs. agoYoutube Wildcat Creek Kayak Trip 08302014
8 hrs. agoYoutube Tiger Cat Dam
9 hrs. agoYoutube sailfish from kayak
9 hrs. agoYoutube Prepper kayak trail flare gun sub caliber insert 44 357 magnum 38 special 9mm 22lr kennesaw
9 hrs. agoYoutube How to Pronounce Galabia
9 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak lac de Gruyere
9 hrs. agoYoutube Ice bucket challange with a kayak!
9 hrs. agoYoutube Harbor Seal Joins Kayak Tour
10 hrs. agoYoutube Outback on Steroids
10 hrs. agoYoutube kayak sur le guil août
10 hrs. agoYoutube The Lost Weekend
10 hrs. agoYoutube Jim Thorpe Whitewater
10 hrs. agoYoutube GTA V - White water raftin' Trevor you da man [4K 1080p HD]
10 hrs. agoYoutube American River Time Lapse Paddle 5 miles round trip ROYAK GOPRO
11 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking with a Trolling motor
11 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking Fishing in Florida Water
11 hrs. agoYoutube Science: Getting Grandma in the Kayak
11 hrs. agoYoutube back deck roll
11 hrs. agoYoutube Kayusca
11 hrs. agoYoutube Santa Cruz salmon --- 8/30/14
11 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking Fishing From an Sandbar in Florida.
11 hrs. agoYoutube Stage ASM Août 2014
11 hrs. agoYoutube Owey Island through cave 14
11 hrs. agoYoutube How to Pronounce Henry C. K. Petty Fitzmaurice
11 hrs. agoYoutube How to Pronounce Cock-spur
11 hrs. agoYoutube Return to the Sipsey
11 hrs. agoYoutube Adventures by the Sea -- Bikes, Kayaks, SUPs, Surreys
11 hrs. agoYoutube Day at Shirt Tail!
11 hrs. agoYoutube Lake Okeechobee Gopro
11 hrs. agoYoutube Let's paint a 'River in the valley' part 1
11 hrs. agoYoutube How to Canoe and Kayak Like a Pro Ashley P. Watson Norris PDF
11 hrs. agoYoutube Stalking Redfish
11 hrs. agoYoutube Sea Otter Jumps on Boat!
11 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak NJ Lake Aeroflex 082814
11 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak Polo Player Knocks Out His Opponent
12 hrs. agoYoutube Cплавы на каяках в клубе ACTION
12 hrs. agoYoutube EZ Rack Installation and use
12 hrs. agoYoutube Passeio de Kayak - Pedra da Anicha
12 hrs. agoYoutube How to Pronounce Isère River
12 hrs. agoYoutube International Kayak Regatta 'Bega 2014' - Video III
12 hrs. agoYoutube International Kayak Regatta 'Bega 2014' - Video IV
12 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak saving - Hands of God
12 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking Fishing at Upper Tampa Bay Park
12 hrs. agoYoutube International Kayak Regatta 'Bega 2014', Zrenjanin
12 hrs. agoYoutube International Kayak Regatta 'Bega 2014', 30.08.2014. Zrenjanin - Video II
12 hrs. agoYoutube Canoe in Sweden
13 hrs. agoYoutube Angelina Jolie Steps Out After Wedding, Melissa Rivers on Joan Rivers: Top 5 Friday Stories
13 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking Fishing Trip in Tampa Bay
13 hrs. agoYoutube Kayak Fail auf der Erft
13 hrs. agoYoutube AUGUST 17 to 31 2014
13 hrs. agoYoutube Pulling Lead Core from the Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel
13 hrs. agoYoutube Kayaking - Marstrand, Sweden
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