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The Grand India Project

Kokatat Blog (0 min. ago) - Morgan Arnaud and Val Bernard No Pasa Nada, head to India to kayak in the Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh area. Located in the Northeast of India between, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Tibet, extend the mountain of Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. This area is one of the rainiest places in the world. It's also India’s area with the most gradient. After 2 planes, 56 hours of train, they arrive ready to paddle some of the most fantastic rivers in the world. by Morgan Arnaud - Kokatat Regional Ambassador - France We arrive in Bombay without our kayaks... No worries, they are sending them to Guwahati in 2-3 days, which is perfect as now we can travel the 2500 km between Bombay to Guwahati with a local train. We arrive to Shillong check point with a mass of kayakers!!! Among us is an En...  read more...

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Rok Puvar’s Adriatic Sea Winter Crossing

SUP Examiner (1 hour ago) - On the 20th-21th of January, Starboard’s Dream Team rider Rok Puvar from Slovenia successfully finished the first winter SUP offshore Adriatic Sea Crossing.  read more...

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Wetsox Originals Goes 100% Recycled

SUP Connect (3 hrs. ago) - WETSOX, the company dedicated to making it easier to get in and out of your cold-water gear, announced today that all of the designs in their Originals collection are now made from 100% recycled material. In the past, surfers used plastic bags over their hands and feet as a way to slip in and out of their wetsuits. Often, those plastic bags would end ip on the beach or in the same ocean.  read more...

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Nile river festival 2016

Team Pyranha (6 hrs. ago) - The Nile river festivals’ aim is simple; to celebrate the warm water, big rapids and perfect waves of the mighty white Nile with awesome people. The NRF is a four day event which begins with an evening big air ramp competition at the NRE base camp, beer fuelled, aerial antics promptly kick of the start of the festival. Day two marks the beginning of the white water events with a gruelling 40km endurance race through big rapids...  read more...

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5 Places Worth Paddling In Cold Weather

SUP Connect (7 hrs. ago) - When thinking of stand up paddling many imagine the warm, clear waters of somewhere tropical like Hawaii, Tahiti, or Florida as the perfect, most beautiful places to get on a SUP and explore. While there is no doubt that the places listed above are dreamy, there are places farther away from the equator that require a bit more than wearing just a bikini or board shorts but are still breathtakingly beautiful when paddling around.  read more...

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