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The famous Playak News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. Playak editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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/r/whitewater (10 hrs. ago) - submitted by IxJAXZxI [link] [comment]  read more...

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Kayaking Dive & Eskimo Roll... Kind of! [x-post from r/gif]

/r/Kayaking (14 hrs. ago) - submitted by kayakcritic [link] [1 comment]  read more...

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Time Site Headline
13 min. agoStand Up Zone Re: HOT Chicks on Stand Up Paddle Boards!
30 min. agoBoatertalk where are the best play spots (holes, splats, eddy lines, rock spins) on the tallulah?
45 min. agoBoatertalk Go Adriene
1 hour agoSeaBreeze SUP Reviews Starboard Nuts
1 hour agoUK Rivers GB Cranked or 0 dergree feather
1 hour agoSeaBreeze SUP SUP Paddle on tiger Airways
1 hour agoSeaBreeze SUP Reviews 2015 Starboard Pro 8ft
1 hour agoTX Kayak Fisherman " October Tails "
2 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers setthehooknich
2 hrs. G-Flex epoxy to the rescue !
2 hrs. agoUK Rivers GB cags for a club
3 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Reviews New to SUP so need some advice- Bic or Tyrant
4 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Raymarine Dragonfly 7 CHIRP Install
4 hrs. agoBoatertalk Squirrel Vs Recon - A brief set of initial thoughts
4 hrs. agoUK Sea Kayak GB Aquarius - another does anyone paddle question!
4 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Lady Ganga vid.
4 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Reviewing my Starboard Sprint 17'6' x 23'
5 hrs. ago/r/Kayaking Commuting by Kajak
5 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Starboard Losing Their Way In 2014
5 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: 2015 New Race board from Starboard
5 hrs. agoYakAngler Seat modification for 2009 outfitter
6 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: James Bond Would Be Proud
6 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Install
6 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Install
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: daiwa lexa 100 on sale
7 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman First fishing Video (from my kid, TKFer-junior18)
7 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing In Japan, Pepsi provides a fat-blocking soda
7 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Voting on something real
8 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers James Bond Would Be Proud
8 hrs. agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : Icicle sat, Cooper sun
8 hrs. agoYakAngler Northern IL
8 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP BOP in 1949 vid.
8 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP ALL GIRLS CLINIC
8 hrs. agoAnglers Net After the storm at Five bar gate 29/10/2014
8 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Kayak Surfing
9 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Kayak Surfing
9 hrs. agoDagger Mamba 8.1 or Nomad 8.1 for racing?
9 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Santa Cruz recommendations?
9 hrs. agoYakAngler Why are you selling your kayak?
9 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Voting on something real
9 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Where to fish on a slack tide day?
10 hrs. agoBoatertalk any one know where I can get a gnar bar for an FNA full face helmet?
10 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: We've left a lot of junk up there.
10 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Hello!
10 hrs. agoYakAngler New from New Smyrna Beach.
10 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: H2mexicO avalable but.....
10 hrs. agoStand Up Zone We've left a lot of junk up there.
10 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Scratch SpearFishing off my bucket list
11 hrs. agoBoatertalk Anyone got any info on canoeing the Sequatchie (I& #039;m effin Jonesin for some "Gentle Thrills") in Dunlap TN?
11 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Loving my 9'1 Allwave
11 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Just finished Dive Training at Sonoma Lake
11 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers daiwa lexa 100 on sale
11 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Reports Saint Augustine Report
11 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Working too hard
11 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Working too hard
11 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Working too hard
11 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Reports Prefishing for the Luce Championship
11 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Namotu, Fiji
11 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Namotu, Fiji
11 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Swimbaits
12 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Reports Shell Mound Cedar Key 10.29.14
12 hrs. agoUK Rivers GB Charging for paddling High-Low, River Tees
12 hrs. agomountainbuzz IK choice
12 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Found: A Couple Paddles at Dog Patch
12 hrs. agoYakAngler Another Fish Finder Install (Perception Pescador)
12 hrs. agoStand Up Zone lendglurendJO
12 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Swimbaits
12 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Swimbaits
12 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Fishing......tomorrow 10/31
13 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Anyone have experience or thoughts on SIC Paddles?
13 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: RIP Dorian 'Doc' Paskowitz
13 hrs. agoYakAngler Anyone crabbing?
13 hrs. agoYakAngler Crabbing?
13 hrs. agoYakAngler Blue Crabbers?
13 hrs. agoStand Up Zone H2mexicO avalable but.....
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Questions About Stillwater Cove Carmel
14 hrs. agoUK Rivers GB Paddling with a stoma
14 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: 404 for BOP
14 hrs. agoSong of the Paddle Lifeproof Nuud for. IPhone 5s / 5 going spare
14 hrs. agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : video archaeology (1992 stillaguamish VHS)
14 hrs. agoYakAngler Penn 975 or Avet SXJ
14 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Bump Catcher
14 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Bump Catcher
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Baro-trauma...its not a punk band
15 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Reports Btb
15 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Bear Street Fight
15 hrs. agoUK Sea Kayak GB Rescue of 'drifting kayak' at Needles
15 hrs. agoUK Sea Kayak GB Sea kayaking the 11.81m high tide in Jersey video
15 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Fish id
15 hrs. agoSong of the Paddle a modern take on a birchbark canoe
15 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Bear Street Fight
16 hrs. agoCboats Feather Fest Question
16 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Fin for Riviera RP 14x27
16 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Laser Shaper
16 hrs. agoStand Up Zone RIP Dorian 'Doc' Paskowitz
16 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Crab limit 2014
16 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Crab limit 2014
16 hrs. agomountainbuzz Pool Sessions Near Eagle County?
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