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First spring bass!

/r/kayakfishing (9 hrs. ago) - submitted by greenmen88 [link] [1 comment]  read more...

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NE FL checking in with the reds

/r/kayakfishing (16 hrs. ago) - submitted by tamago64 [link] [1 comment]  read more...

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Time Site Headline
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5 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: The DO SHARKS ATTACK US? poll
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6 hrs. agoSong of the Paddle Doggy Paddle - Leamington to Stratford on Avon Sunday 17 May Full Details
6 hrs. agoStand Up Zone The DO SHARKS ATTACK US? poll
7 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP 2016 Race Dates
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Hey there
7 hrs. agoYakAngler Raymarine
7 hrs. agoYakAngler Anyone fish/paddle the Sangamon or Vermillion ?
7 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Stop #3 - Canberra. 2016 N1SCO Australian Tour.
7 hrs. agoAdvanced Elements What are "must have" accessories?
7 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP 2015 N1SCO Australian Tour - Stop #2 Race recap.
8 hrs. agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : lewis county
8 hrs. ago/r/kayakfishing Old Town Predator 13?
8 hrs. agoYakAngler Place Your Bets Gentlemen
8 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Peninsula downwinder
8 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Original Scupper test drive
8 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman chevy van rooftop kayak rack/saddle question
8 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Lake Woodlands
8 hrs. agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : Sky - Top Tye tomorrow at 1?
9 hrs. ago/r/Kayaking Cool product idea for outdoor sports
9 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: New kid on the block
9 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: New kid on the block
9 hrs. agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : Saturday boating?
9 hrs. agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : Tumwater Today
9 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Original Scupper test drive
9 hrs. Fortyeight creek in TN?
10 hrs. Fishing Solo canoe for fishing
10 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Hello from Oregon/Owens Valley
10 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Reports We only caught three
10 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Reports Salt Run Blues
11 hrs. agoYakAngler Trovare l'abito giusto di nozze per voi
11 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman great youtube video
11 hrs. agoYakAngler Targeting Striper Bass
11 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: PADDLE SURF HAWAII CLIP
11 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Down rigger worth the trouble ?
11 hrs. Bought my first kayak. ???
12 hrs. agoYakAngler painting a kayak
12 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman stain removal
12 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Radio questons
12 hrs. agoBoatertalk ID boaters, any guesses as to when the multi-day section of the South Salmon will go this year?
12 hrs. agoBoatertalk Waterfall tucks
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12 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: wtb multiple items to rig my new yak
12 hrs. agoYakAngler Lowrance Maiden Voyage
12 hrs. agoYakAngler A Little Action Today
12 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Perfect conditions at King Kong Island - vid
12 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Jig Heads for Swimbaits
12 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: How do you roll????
12 hrs. agoSong of the Paddle Wooden base for small tents ?
13 hrs. SOME people here will like this
13 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers wtb multiple items to rig my new yak
13 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: 2013 Hobie Revo (Dune) in mint condition - MAKE OFFER
13 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Passengers Netting Fish
13 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Diving and Crabbing at the Same Time
13 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Legal Sturgeon in Tow
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Wildlife Feeders to Attract Turkeys
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Another new SoCal member
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Another new SoCal member
14 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: Things to do, see, experience in Maui
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Passengers Netting Fish
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Diving and Crabbing at the Same Time
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Legal Sturgeon in Tow
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: GS9 - Raffle benefiting PIF and HOW - 3 weeks left to register.
14 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: HOT Chicks on Stand Up Paddle Boards!
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Cressi Gara 3000 LD fin broken. Repair tips?
14 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Cressi Gara 3000 LD fin broken. Repair tips?
14 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing JKF Classic Side Calcutta?
14 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Another "Foggy & calm" day on the water
15 hrs. ago/r/kayakfishing Does anyone have any experience with Oahu inshore fishing?
15 hrs. agoJaxKayakFishing Reports Little Clapboard Creek
15 hrs. agopierandsurf Kiptopeke or Fishermans Island....?
15 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers 6 by 12 enclosed trailer like no other
15 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: 6 by 12 enclosed trailer like no other
15 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Bluewater Reef Hunting tips!
15 hrs. agoBoatertalk Mexico!!!
16 hrs. Kokatat Dry Suit @ REI
16 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Angler's lucky day breaks record
16 hrs. agoYakAngler Smoked Black Sea Bass (works for other fish too).
16 hrs. agoYakAngler Incentive to Stay on the water longer this weekend
16 hrs. ago/r/kayakfishing Post your flag
17 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Wetsuits for kids by Ethan
17 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: salmon fishing on The New Wave out of Berkeley on 4/6/2015
17 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Summer 2015- surf shots
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