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Take Action: Tell New Mexico's Governor to STOP the Gila River Diversion!

Am. Whitewater (1 hour ago) - Silver Spring, NM - New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has only two weeks left to make a decision on the proposed Gila River Diversion.  This project will dam and drain the headwaters of the Gila River, threatening some of the most beautiful, biologically rich riparian habitat in the state, and some amazing paddling opportunities.  You can help by contacting the Governor TODAY, and signing the petition. Last month the Governor's Interstate Stream Commission APPROVED the Gila River Diversion, a water supply scheme that could cost a billion dollars and impact the last wild river in New Mexico. Now, this decision to move forward on the project is in the hands of New Mexico Governor Martinez. We need to directly reach out to the Governor and ask her to stop this wasteful boondoggle...  read more...

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First Hobie Fishing Worlds V Qualifying Event Announced

YakAngler (3 hrs. ago) - Ohio valley kayak anglers looking to participate in next year’s Hobie Fishing Worlds V rejoice! Hobie announces their return to Kentucky Dam Village State Park May 29-31 2015. This is the first qualifying event announced for the 2015 Hobie Fishing Worlds tournament.  read more...

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We're just a bunch of bored kayakers

Kokatat Blog (4 hrs. ago) - In an era when everything is for sale how do we value something that can’t be packaged and bought? Can we put a price on that? On a vision of perfection, the reconstruction of our minds, the stepping outside of our consumer lives. Can we put a price on that?  read more...

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Juneau Alaska SUP Trip

Distressed Mullet (5 hrs. ago) - Fabulous scenery, paddling next to majestic mountains and to the face of glaciers. Wildlife: whales, bald eagles, bears, otters, seals and more. Best ever breakfasts to fuel our daily paddles Hiking, whale watching, sight seeing and more.  read more...

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Alternate Canoe Tump Tying Method

Paddle Making (6 hrs. ago) - Calvin Rutstrum's outdoor classic, Way of the Wilderness, is often cited as an important book showcasing outdoor and canoeing skills. Published in 1946, it features some of his practical ideas for canoe camping at the time. Pages 25-26 have a brief blurb on portaging a canoe with a tumpline rigged up in a different manner than other sources.  read more...

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