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More Thoughts on SUP Technique – Part 2

Larry Cain (20 min. ago) - First off, let me say thanks to everyone who read the last post and to those who provided feedback on it or asked questions.   I’m stoked that so many people found it interesting and hopefully helpful, but I am aware that there might be need for clarification on a few things. I think everybody understood the main point – that there is no one correct technique. There are fundamental principles that are universally accepted such as pulling your board by your paddle as opposed to your paddle through the water, using big muscles preferentially over smaller muscles, maintaining positive blade angle as long as possible, and using minimal effort to go as fast as possible.  read more...

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A Skeptic Looks at SUP Yoga

SUP Magazine (20 min. ago) - When SUP yoga really caught on a few years ago, I brushed it off as a fleeting fad—a gimmick that inundated my Instagram feed and nothing else. These yogis had it backwards, I thought. Standups are meant for one thing: standing. Not sitting, not stretching; definitely not downward facing dogs or child’s poses. I clung to a narrow mentality: Standup paddlers stretch to paddle, not the other way around. But, as time went by, the fad never faded. Just the opposite; it got more popular. Many of my yogi friends made the switch from sand to SUP.  read more...

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Maliseet Guide with Paddles

Paddle Making (1 hour ago) - Another paddle photo find in the December 1910 issue of Rod and Gun in Canada ( Vol. 12, No. 7 ). The article entitled, A New Brunswick Canoe Trip on the Fascinating Tobique by Stephen B. Bustin features an image of the Maliseet guide posing with a slim guide paddle with tapering grip.  read more...

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More Thoughts on SUP Technique

Larry Cain (1 hour ago) - If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts on technique or been to one of my clinics you’ll know that I have some fairly strong ideas on technique. I’ve always felt that there are certain, fundamental technique principles that apply to all types of paddling that you need to take into account if you are going to paddle well. The trick for each of us is to find out how to incorporate the basic principles of paddling into our technique in the way that works best for each of us.  read more...

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A Compilation of Ej Rolling Articles

Jackson Kayak (2 hrs. ago) - But, like Columbus sailing out into the open water, warned of sailing off of the edge of the world, you preferred to look at the facts in front of you.  read more...

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More headlines:

Time Site Headline
3 hrs. agoSUP for the Soul How to SUP river surf part 6: stances and footwork for surfing the wave
4 hrs. agoBrittany Parker My Sunday Muse I'M Home
5 hrs. agoKokatat Blog Tequila Diaries
5 hrs. agoPucon Kayak Hostel Standup Paddle Board SUP First Descent Seven Teacups- Rio Claro, Chile
7 hrs. agoSimon Willis Big Changes - Downloads of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown
9 hrs. agoPDX River Explorers Oregon Coast Range Wilson River 6.5'Ft
11 hrs. agoAm. Whitewater Bill Restricting Access to Washington's Rivers Introduced
13 hrs. agoSUPboarder Peter Kosinski – 72 Hours in Fuerteventura
15 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet Share Your Love Mullet Charity of Choice Day – February 14
17 hrs. agoSherriKayaks SUP Maintenance
18 hrs. agoJackson Kayak Rio Alseseca Race – 2015
19 hrs. agoKokatat Blog Slalom Training in San Marcos, TX
21 hrs. agoMark Tozer SGS USA Class Timetable - March 6, 7 and 8
23 hrs. agoSUPracer The Hanohano Race Attracts Over 500 Paddlers
Jan 26Tony Paradise The Thing About Winter Paddling
Jan 26Kayak Angler Magazine Last Chance Steel
Jan 26Jordan Searle Brazil - Sport NZ and a Quick Whip South.
Jan 26Canoe Kayak Inside the Lumpy Waters Symposium
Jan 26American Rivers Illabot Creek
Jan 26SUPracer New Boards, New Courses And Even More Fun For The Payette River Games
Jan 26Boarders Magazine Board of Winter- Top 3 Activities for Boarders in the Off-Season
Jan 26SUPboarder Why you should get involved with your local SUP club/school.
Jan 26Mark Tozer Anglesey Adventure - April 6 to 10, Anglesey
Jan 26Standup Journal Standup Paddling Fitness Sup Tricep Burnout Drop Sets
Jan 26ACA Life Jackets for All
Jan 25SUPboarder Jobe SUP 2015
Jan 25SUPboarder SUPxscape camp dates
Jan 25Am. Whitewater Colorado's Windy Gap Firming Project: Troubling Trend?
Jan 25Canoe Kayak An Interview with Blind Canoeist Renee Kuester-Sebranek
Jan 25Canoe Kayak Blind Trust
Jan 25Boarders Magazine 2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Inflatable Board Review
Jan 25Am. Whitewater Opportunity to Determine Future of Punch Bowl Falls on the Hood River (OR)
Jan 25American Rivers Water Trails as a Winter Wonderland
Jan 25Elder SUP Maui Magic Surf and Downwinders
Jan 25AS Watersports Pyranha 9R Customer Review
Jan 25Jackson Kayak How to use a GoPro, Wi-fi remote and Gopro Studio software to help improve your freestyle kayaking
Jan 25Jackson Kayak Winter Steelhead
Jan 24Canoe Kayak Paddlesport Accessory Maker Cascade Designs Wins Coveted Title at Outdoor Gear Awards
Jan 24Kayak Angler Magazine Support Ocearch with New Costa Apparel
Jan 24Kayak Angler Magazine Grip and Grin Smallie Slammin
Jan 24Kayak Angler Magazine Gear Review Line Cutterz Ring
Jan 24SUPboarder Bring out the SUP guns because Lanes is firing.
Jan 24Kokatat Blog Unknown Toxic - Roger's Wave
Jan 24Am. Whitewater Colorado River Economy Valued in Billions
Jan 24A Wet State (CA) Obed River

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