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News Watch

The Playak News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, Playak editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

Time Site Headline
Jul 17GONG SUP PHOTO : state of mind !!!
Jul 15GONG SUP PHOTO : attitude !!!
Jul 11GONG SUP PHOTO : SUP surf style !!!
Jul 11GONG SUP PHOTO : focused !!!
Jul 8GONG SUP PHOTO : take your time !!!
Jul 4GONG SUP PHOTO : fun times !!!
Jul 2GONG SUP PHOTO : cruising in paradise !!!
Jul 1GONG SUP PHOTO : clear water !!!
Jun 27GONG SUP PHOTO : perfect session !!!
Jun 26GONG SUP PHOTO : right volume !!!
Jun 25GONG SUP PHOTO : surf spirit !!!
Jun 24GONG SUP PHOTO : carving !!!
Jun 24GONG SUP PHOTO : Monday mood !!!
Jun 21GONG SUP PHOTO : in the pocket !!!
Jun 18SUP Passion Interview de Camille Houron, notre Sup Addict du team Fool Moon
Jun 12GONG SUP PHOTO : get a room !!!
Jun 7GONG SUP PHOTO : wish !!!
Jun 5GONG SUP PHOTO : Chemical spirit !!!
Jun 4GONG SUP PHOTO : take-off !!!
Jun 3GONG SUP PHOTO : straight !!!
May 31GONG SUP PHOTO : rad SUP surfing !!!
May 29GONG SUP PHOTO : just do it !!!
May 27GONG SUP PHOTO : right place !!!
May 24GONG SUP PHOTO : curves !!!
May 22GONG SUP PHOTO : pumping !!!
May 22GONG SUP PHOTO : check point !!!
May 21GONG SUP PHOTO : gravity !!!
May 16GONG SUP PHOTO : perfect day !!!
May 16GONG SUP PHOTO : ripping waves !!!
May 15GONG SUP PHOTO : room !!!
May 14GONG SUP PHOTO : the end !!!
May 14GONG SUP PHOTO : meeting !!!
May 13GONG SUP PHOTO : let her talk !!!
May 10GONG SUP PHOTO : NFA spirit !!!
May 9GONG SUP PHOTO : rad SUP surfing !!!
May 6GONG SUP PHOTO : motivation !!!
May 3GONG SUP PHOTO : focused !!!
Apr 30GONG SUP PHOTO : grom power !!!
Apr 30GONG SUP PHOTO : turn around !!!
Apr 25GONG SUP PHOTO : end of session !!!
Apr 25GONG SUP SESSION : longboard style !!!
Apr 23GONG SUP PHOTO : cat walking !!!
Apr 21GONG SUP PHOTO : Spring's Colours !!!
Apr 19GONG SUP PHOTO : the way to the spot !!!
Apr 16GONG SUP MOVIE : moodrive noseriding !!!
Apr 15GONG SUP PHOTO : Monday's cover up !!!
Apr 5GONG SUP PHOTO : on the way !!!
Apr 3GONG SUP MOVIE : new 2019 Alley PRO in action !!!
Apr 2GONG SUP PHOTO : surfing perfs !!!
Apr 1GONG SUP PHOTO : longboard spirit !!!
Mar 29GONG SUP PHOTO : close up !!!
Mar 27GONG SUP PHOTO : Zuma feeling !!!
Mar 22GONG SUP PHOTO : rad SUP surfing !!!
Mar 21GONG SUP PHOTO : NFA spirit !!!
Mar 20GONG SUP PHOTO : Lethal spirit !!!
Mar 19GONG SUP PHOTO : goal !!!
Mar 12GONG SUP PHOTO : take your time !!!
Mar 12GONG SUP TEAM : meeting at the GONG factory shop !!!
Mar 12GONG SUP PHOTO : kick out !!!
Mar 11GONG SUP PHOTO : release pressure !!!
Mar 7GONG SUP PHOTO : successful !!!
Mar 6GONG SUP PHOTO : cosy room !!!
Mar 1GONG SUP PHOTO : on the road again !!!
Feb 28GONG SUP PHOTO : rad SUP surfing !!!
Feb 27GONG SUP PHOTO : guilty !!!
Feb 26GONG SUP PHOTO : cut back !!!
Feb 25GONG SUP PHOTO : perfect spot !!!
Feb 24SUP Passion Découvrez la sup race team de Direct Sailing La Baule
Feb 19SUP Journal Yanis Maire en SUP foil à Wimereux
Feb 14GONG SUP PHOTO : origin !!!
Feb 11GONG SUP PHOTO : new toy !!!
Feb 11GONG SUP PHOTO : last one !!!
Feb 6GONG SUP PHOTO : kiss the lip !!!
Feb 5GONG SUP PHOTO : loose !!!
Jan 30GONG SUP PHOTO : the world is yours !!!
Jan 25GONG SUP SESSION : Chemical session !!!
Jan 25SUP Journal Le team Starboard à Wanning
Jan 24GONG SUP PHOTO : gravity !!!
Jan 23GONG SUP PHOTO : carving !!!
Jan 18GONG SUP PHOTO : feeling good !!!
Jan 17GONG SUP PHOTO : tiny swell !!!
Jan 15GONG SUP TEAM : new boards for Justin !!!
Jan 14GONG SUP PHOTO : Mondays spirit !!!
Jan 11GONG SUP PHOTO : whatever !!!
Jan 10GONG SUP PHOTO : under water !!!
Jan 9GONG SUP PHOTO : more and more !!!
Jan 8GONG SUP PHOTO : own style !!!
Jan 7GONG SUP PHOTO : charmed !!!
Jan 7GONG SUP MOVIE : shape Chemical PRO !!!
Jan 7GONG SUP PHOTO : powerful !!!
Jan 4GONG SUP PHOTO : the first one !!!
Dec 28 2018GONG SUP PHOTO : winter session !!!
Dec 28 2018GONG SUP PHOTO : at home !!!
Dec 26 2018GONG SUP PHOTO : after Xmas sesh !!!
Dec 24 2018GONG SUP PHOTO : take your time !!!
Dec 14 2018GONG SUP ON AIME : Pierre Rollet wins the Punta Galea Challenge !!!
Dec 13 2018GONG SUP PHOTO : perfect life !!!
Dec 12 2018GONG SUP PHOTO : the best feeling !!!
Dec 10 2018GONG SUP PHOTO : barrel seeker !!!
Dec 7 2018GONG SUP TEAM : Moritz Mauch 2nd in Spain !!!

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