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The Playak News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, Playak editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

Time Site Headline
Oct 18/r/whitewater Pyranha Machno Medium vs Large?
Oct 11/r/whitewater Upgrading outfitting in old boats?
Oct 7Song of the Paddle Pyranha Fusion
Oct 7Song of the Paddle Pyranha G3 275
Aug 29/r/whitewater Pyranha Jed medium or large.
Aug 28/r/whitewater So Dagger are retiring the Axiom and making their answer to the Ripper et al, but it's ok because Pyranha are... making an Axiom now?
Aug 24/r/Kayaking Debating white water kayaks
Aug 24/r/whitewater Rolling in shallow water advice
Aug 22/r/whitewater Flatwater Play Boat Suggestion
Aug 11Boatertalk Pyranha custom colors
Aug 11Song of the Paddle Pyranha S6
Aug 8/r/whitewater Suggestions for helmet after face injury
Jul 23mountainbuzz Lost Pyranha Molan at Eagle River Park
Jul 18/r/Kayaking SOT kayak for mild whitewater and bigger paddler?
Jul 17Song of the Paddle 16 ft Pyranha for sale
Jul 10/r/whitewater River running kayak for short guy
Jul 2/r/Kayaking Best playboat for big feet?
Jul 1/r/whitewater Best playboat for big feet?
Jun 26/r/whitewater Pyranha I:3 or Wavesport Big EZ
Jun 23/r/whitewater Waka plastic
Jun 17/r/Kayaking I'm trying to buy my first whitewater kayak/ playboat and this one showed up in my local area. Does anyone know anything about it. I'm not sure if I'll fit I'm 6'3" and 165lbs. There is also a Pyranha Molan but it's 4x the price.
Jun 6/r/whitewater Other boats at the time of the Pyranha H3?
May 28/r/whitewater Looking for a new boat
May 15/r/whitewater Pyranha kayak spare parts
May 12/r/whitewater Pyranha Loki Question
May 9/r/Kayaking Thinking of buying a new kayak
May 6/r/whitewater Boat for Tall Guy and Where to Meet People?
May 5/r/whitewater Old School Hip Pads- Recommendations
Apr 27Boatertalk Production Pyranha 9R MKII
Apr 27mountainbuzz Pyranha 9R MK2
Apr 22mountainbuzz New boat
Apr 16/r/whitewater Thoughts on the Dagger Phantom?
Apr 10Song of the Paddle For Sale, Spanish Fly OC1
Mar 31/r/Kayaking Having a hard time finding a sprayskirt
Mar 5/r/whitewater Pyranha 9R MK2 Prototype
Mar 5mountainbuzz Pyranha 9R MK2
Mar 5Boatertalk Pyranha 9R MK2 Images and some detail
Feb 25/r/whitewater Weight range question
Feb 23/r/whitewater Just want to know what brand of whitewater boat you all prefer; Jackson, Liquid Logic, Pyranha...etc
Jan 14/r/whitewater A Crackson Tragedy
Jan 11/r/whitewater Getting back in the market for a new creeker...recommendations?
Dec 29 2018/r/whitewater Help with fixing my Pyranha Burn III outfitting
Dec 20 2018Song of the Paddle OC1 rolling
Dec 13 2018/r/Kayaking Kayak Overview - Pyranha 12R River Runner/White Water
Nov 19 2018/r/Kayaking Rolling Pyranha’s new hybrid duo in the canal besides their factory.
Nov 12 2018Song of the Paddle Kendal Mountain Festival - Special Paddling Session this Saturday 17th Nov.
Nov 12 2018/r/whitewater Pyranha Z.One riders, I need your help
Oct 16 2018/r/whitewater Some questions about getting outfitting replaced
Sep 26 2018/r/whitewater Outfitting kits for Pyranha Burn III
Sep 21 2018/r/whitewater Anybody ever paddle a pyranha prozone?
Sep 6 2018/r/Kayaking Need help identifying yak
Aug 20 2018Song of the Paddle 11700 paddle strokes and three days
Aug 20 2018/r/whitewater Kayaking
Aug 19 2018/r/whitewater Paddle?
Aug 10 2018/r/Kayaking What kayaks do you have?
Aug 7 2018/r/whitewater Me again - I’d appreciate help on the value of a boat.
Aug 6 2018/r/whitewater Beginner's boat guide
Jul 31 2018/r/whitewater First Boat
Jul 7 2018/r/whitewater Looking for a new creek boat
Jun 22 2018/r/whitewater Pyranha Ripper Sizing?
Jun 7 2018/r/whitewater Float bags for a Pyranha Machno?
May 28 2018/r/whitewater Pyranha Karnali vs Jackson Villian?
May 28 2018/r/Kayaking Pyranha Karnali or Jackson Villian?
May 28 2018mountainbuzz Brand New Pyranha Shiva (L) for sale
May 27 2018/r/whitewater New playboat choices
May 26 2018/r/Kayaking New playboat choices
May 23 2018/r/Kayaking Pyranha i:3 222 selling price help
May 23 2018/r/whitewater Pyranha i:3 222 selling price help
May 17 2018mountainbuzz First WW kayak: Dagger g ride 6.5, dagger Juice 7.1, wavesport ezg50, Pyranha s8
May 2 2018/r/whitewater Need some info on the Pyranha Burn II or III
May 1 2018/r/whitewater Sorry if this is posted a ton, but I'm looking for my first river runner and have some questions.
Apr 23 2018/r/whitewater Has anybody else had issues with Seals Pro Rand letting in water?
Apr 23 2018/r/whitewater Seat Position on Dagger Phantom
Apr 20 2018mountainbuzz Newbie Boat Choice
Apr 6 2018/r/whitewater Pyranha 12R Design Update
Mar 29 2018/r/whitewater Kayak weight ranges
Mar 26 2018mountainbuzz Pyranha Machno or Waka Tutea?
Mar 22 2018/r/whitewater Spray Skirt Deck size/Skirt reccomendation for Pyranha Burn III medium
Mar 19 2018/r/whitewater Pyranha Machno M vs Dagger Phantom
Mar 15 2018/r/whitewater Need boat advice (Nomad vs Burn III vs Phantom vs 9r)
Mar 10 2018/r/Kayaking New mark iii pyranha Burn got delivered today - child for size!
Feb 19 2018mountainbuzz Looking at Buying My First Whitewater Kayak
Feb 16 2018mountainbuzz Pyranha Factory Tour 2018
Feb 9 2018/r/whitewater Axiom vs Ripper
Dec 5 2017/r/whitewater Pyranha 420 vs molan
Nov 1 2017mountainbuzz Pyranha 12R, for real this time
Nov 1 2017/r/whitewater Pyranha 12R Announced (For Real This Time!). Production Contingent on Sufficient Preorders
Oct 26 2017mountainbuzz Kayak Comparisons
Oct 25 2017/r/whitewater Pyranha 9r Outfitting Mods
Oct 18 2017/r/Kayaking 1st time in the new Pyranha Ripper
Oct 18 2017/r/whitewater 1st Time in the New Pyranha Ripper!
Sep 25 2017/r/Kayaking The Wye (UK). from my Pyranha Fusion
Sep 19 2017/r/whitewater Neat idea for a kayak design
Sep 11 2017/r/Kayaking Where's your favorite place to look for used kayaks?
Aug 31 2017/r/whitewater New Pyranha Boat...
Aug 28 2017mountainbuzz New Pyranha Kayak
Aug 26 2017mountainbuzz Shore surfing with Whitewater Kayak
Aug 25 2017/r/whitewater Has anyone here transplanted a Jackson Unishock into another boat?
Aug 18 2017/r/Kayaking Pyranha Fusion Kayak Sizing Question
Aug 14 2017/r/whitewater Foot pod and foam adjustment questions



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