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Our famous News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. Playak editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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Playak News Flash - December 20, 2016
Playak News Flash - December 20, 2016
The world's latest paddling headlines.
Canoe Kayak Mining permission denied to safe guard Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wildness area
Canoe Kayak - Guided by science and public opinion, federal agencies charged with stewardship of taxpayer-owned public lands denied the renewal of two mineral leases adjacent to Minnesota’s iconic Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) and upstream of Voyageurs National Park. The decision halts a proposed sulfide-ore copper mine project from destroying the clean waters of America’s most popular wilderness area – a prime hunting, fishing and recreation destination that helps support 17,000 jobs and drive $850 million in economic activity annually.
Canoe Roots Quiz: Where Should You Go On Your Next Canoe Trip?
Canoe Roots - Not sure where you should go on your next canoe trip? Let us help! Take our detailed quiz and figure out which amazing canoeing destination is right for your 2017 paddling adventure.   
Simon Willis Not All Bike Fits Are Created Equal
Simon Willis - I've had a few bike fits in my time.  I think - I hope - I've just had one of the best.
Jackson Kayak Why this paddler chooses to paddle in arctic conditions
Jackson Kayak - I’m not going to lie . . . 21 degrees on the thermometer and 2 feet of snow on the ground doesn’t scream, “let’s go kayaking”!  There is ALWAYS this battle of deciding if paddling 35-degree water in 21-degree air temperature sounds “FUN”, or just snuggling in a blanket, with a hot fire sounds better.But, it never fails . . . when I just put on my gear and launch into the river, I NEVER regret the experience.
Jackson Kayak Kayaking while Pregnant: How to stay in your boat for almost 9 months.
Jackson Kayak - The first thing to understand is that every pregnancy is different. Some women have it easy during pregnancy, while others have a couple more struggles. It is always a good idea to talk with your doctor or midwife before continuing to boat. However, also understand that sometimes your doctor needs a little education on what kayaking is and what we actually do when we get in our boats. Listen to your body! Know when to take it easy. Next is river selection. At the beginning, paddle what you want.
Distressed Mullet Basic Technique Fundamental Part 2 – Pull Yourself Past the Paddle
Distressed Mullet - In all paddled watercraft the most fundamental principle of technique is to gather water on your paddle blade, secure it in the water and pull yourself by the paddle. Paddling techniques discussed here. Photos and videos of fast paddle racers are analysed to see the science behind fast paddling and paddle racing. Read on, take it like a read to improve or enhance your paddle strokes.
NRS Duct Tape Diaries Your paddling expeditions easier with Diva cook if shes also liking the wilderness and adventure
NRS Duct Tape Diaries - As these fishing enthusiast go on holiday, kayaking, rafting, fishing they take cook Dawn Rachel with them. This Dutch Oven Diva is also good par taking in outdoor activities of kayaking, fishing etc besides cooking. Imagine after a hard days paddling and fishing you get into your camp in the wilderness and you still get delicious food thanks to cook. You can go kayaking and fishing without worries about food preparations. Nice.
Frogma An Unusual Urban Hike Around Norton Point, Coney Island
Frogma - Brighton Beach pup watching the world go by. This goes back a ways now, but this weekend ended up being quieter than I'd hoped due to getting a cold, so I'm circling back to it now.
SUP Fitness A Must Read for Downwind SUP Paddlers: Safety Checklist
SUP Fitness - Downwind paddling is fun – be it on SUP, OC1, OC2, kayak ski etc but we need to be responsible and safe. Here is a link to an article that speaks fully about downwind paddling safety. There is a safety checklist for downwind paddlers, also tips from experts. Read real life stories where quick thinking made all the difference between life and death. Also tell your buddies and others to have downwind safely check list, pass this article for them to learn about it.
Atlantic Paddle Surfing SUP Fishing in the Flats of Florida
Atlantic Paddle Surfing - Down with Dad as he recuperates from jaw surgery and was able to get out and fish in the flats/ Mangroves in the Gulf.  In 6 inches of water Red Drum were all over the flats hitting the Storm lures, About a mile out from Hernando Beach Fl.
Austin Kayak Holiday Gift Guide For The Angler
Austin Kayak - We are well into the season of giving! So you’re shopping for the kayak angler in your life and you don’t even know where to start? We get it – when it comes to kayak fishing, there’s a lot of gear involved. It can seem like they have so much stuff already, and you don’t want to get them something they already have or are never going to use. We’ve selected five items from our holiday gift guide to help you navigate the seemingly complex world of kayak fishing gear.
Distressed Mullet Have Yourself a Gear-y Little Christmas: The Inland Paddler’s Holiday Gift Guide
Distressed Mullet - Are you making your list, checking it twice? Looking to find something special for that paddler in your life who’s been especially nice? Need to drop some big hints? LET US HELP!!!
SUPracer The Next Generation of Inflatable Race Boards Are Bad Ass
SUPracer - Red Paddle Co., the specialist inflatable brand widely considered an industry leader, has introduced several new features to its 2017 race board range that further close the gap on carbon sleds and give pump up fans another reason to smile.
Level 6 Paddling in cold conditions is possible with the right gear
Level 6 - So, recently we got our first snowfall in the Pacific Northwest. It ended up being at least two feet and brought with it frigid conditions of 20-degree air temperatures. Paddling in these conditions - 20 degree air temp and 35 degree water temp - CAN be very dangerous. That's why it's important to me to have the right gear. Having the right gear makes paddling in these conditions doable and less life-threatening in the event of an unfortunate swim.
SUP Magazine Laird Flying On A Hydrofoil
SUP Magazine - Laird Hamilton does what he wants. In this case it's surfing glassy, unbroken waves on a hydrofoil.
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