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Our famous News Flash informs tens of thousands of paddlers around the world about the most popular paddling news each day. Playak editors hand-pick the best headlines 24/7, and those that are viewed most by our readers are sent out in the News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, plus a list of upcoming events.

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Playak Weekly Digest - week 48, 2016
Playak Weekly Digest
The world's top paddling news in week 48, 2016.
unsponsored Wavesport Whitewater Kayak Prototype
unsponsored - It seems that Wavesport have a new whitewater kayak in development and is actually at the point of being seen out in the wild.
Palm Blogs New Mums – You Can Still Kayak
Palm Blogs - Getting back into kayaking can be daunting after any period of time out, but even more so after such a massive event as giving birth to a baby. As you will know, your body goes through huge changes and it takes a great deal out of you.
Palm Blogs Five little luxuries for winter paddling
Palm Blogs - As winter arrives, a little extra motivation is sometimes required to face the colder, bleaker conditions which we must brave in order to get on the water. Luckily we've got five ideas for winter luxuries – small bonuses that can make your winter paddling adventures that little bit more pleasurable ...
Canoe Roots After Royalex strong canoe manufactured with T-Formex, good for whitewater paddling as well
Canoe Roots - The production of the Spirit II in T-Formex is a major event in the canoeing world as it comes on the heels of a multi-year saga following a 2013 announcement by plastic material company PolyOne to end Royalex production. Some canoeists and manufacturers worried about the future of canoe construction, and what would replace ultra-durable Royalex for canoe tripping and whitewater paddling. Though many other canoe brands have expressed interest in T-Formex, Wenonah Canoe is the first to adopt the new material into their line.
Canoe Roots Expedition Paddler reviews T-Formex conoes, the replacement for royalex material
Canoe Roots - When plastics conglomerate Poly-One shut down production of Royalex in 2013, canoe manufacturers scrambled to replace the favoured hull material of whitewater paddlers and expedition paddlers with composite versions. Only one canoe company Esquif Canoes took on the gargantuan task of creating a hull material with the parallel properties of weight, durability and performance that Royalex possessed. In Spring 2016, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to test the new product rolled line of T-Formex canoes rolled out by Esquif Canoes.
Jackson Kayak Play Day, Improving your Creeking Skills
Jackson Kayak - Usually, my favorite type of kayaking is creekboating, Specifically, personal first descents in a remote location with beautiful scenery. However, with the persistent lack of rain, options in the Southeast have been growing slim. With a rare weekend off work and no rain in the forecast, the Ocoee River was the place to be.
Canoe Kayak Darin McQuoid
Canoe Kayak - When I found kayaking it was the perfect way to explore river canyons, says Darin McQuoid who grew up in the sticks exploring canyons on foot.
WWTCC Pyranha Machno is here
WWTCC - The Machno is positioned between the Burn and 9R with loads of bow rocker, plenty of volume and a wider but predictable hull with soft chines. The Machno is kind of replacing the Shiva (now discontinued) in the line up but with definite influences from the 9R and Burn. This should give a comfortable ride with the boat nice and high on the water and giving the paddler plenty of time to react and time strokes perfectly.
Jackson Kayak Winter Kayaking on the North Fork
Jackson Kayak - Last December, John Webster called and asked if I could help with a photo shoot on the North Fork of the Payette. Of course I was hesitant, it was a very cold winter week.
Tony Paradise Coming up for air
Tony Paradise - Tuesday was our first pool session going into the winter months.  A few of us will paddle all winter but we'll also take advantage of the tropical conditions.
Canoe Kayak Paddlesports Retailer Show Announced
Canoe Kayak - When Emerald Expositions announced that it would move its Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show from August to June, everyone knew it would trigger a paddlesports exodus. The only question was where the industry would go.
Adventure Kayak 4 Awesome Yoga Poses Every Kayaker Should Know
Adventure Kayak - A deep breath with eyes closed, feeling the intricacies of the sounds and smells floating on the breeze. Taking the time to slow down and develop a sense of place at our launch point can have dramatic impacts on our paddling experience. The excitement that builds during trip planning and gear preparation can create a sense of urgency to get on the water as quickly as possible, but a new fusion of kayaking and yoga is disrupting this mechanical approach and has the potential to enhance the way we paddle.
REI Say ‘Yes’ to New Experiences: Kayaking in Big Bend National Park
REI - Big Bend National Park is a desolate behemoth of land sitting on the border of Texas and Mexico. I had never been on an overnight paddling trip, nor had I floated whitewater in my own craft. On the first stretches of calm water, my leader corrected my sloppy paddle grip, my lopsided skirt, and my poor attempts at pointing my boat in the right direction. Slowly, my strokes grew confident and my grip felt strong.
PaddlingLight Two paddlers‘ simple menu for a 12,000-mile Backcountry Journey
PaddlingLight - National Geographic Adventurers of the Year Amy and Dave Freeman did their 3-year, 12,000-mile kayak, canoe and dogsled journey from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida. These two did not plan any fancy menus to eat dialy for their kayak camping trip, they managed nutrition with food choices that’s easy to pack and make. The idea was to consume less time and effort in cooking, more time in paddling which is of essence when going on long kayak trips. Plan your food strategy effectively reading this blog, what to pack while on a paddling expedition.
Mt. Hood H2O Champion Creek
Mt. Hood H2O - Champion Creek is a tributary to Brice Creek (near Cottage Grove) that makes for a low-key adventure if you live in the area.
Athletes with top online media coverage in November
1. Kai Lenny
2. Zane Schweitzer
3. Michael Booth
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