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joshkth Reviewed by joshkth    November 21, 2012
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Great boat with a narrow niche. While you could use this as a river running playboat, you could also just use your playboat and grow a pair. If you want a steep creeking machine that reduces the pin-potential on tight corners and pinball sections, this is your boat. If the river is only 20' wide, who cares how fast the boat is? On my local runs, with blind drops ranging from 2-12 meters, this boat is phenomenal, confidence inspiring, and fun.


About Me
Paddling since 1998, originally a playboater from the Northeast, US. I've paddled the eastern seaboard, Canada, Costa Rica and now Europe. Started creeking seriously in 2002: Gulf Hagas, Cathance River, Carrabasett River, and now small steep creeks in Switzerland. I've owned this boat for a year now.
Pros / The Good
Overall: This boat is ideal for steep, tight, technical, low to mid-volume creeks. In the creeks around Southern Switzerland this boat, because of the length, is perfect. It can maneuver where longer boats are at risk of pinning. On narrow creeks, where speed isn't critical, this boat excels. There is plenty of room for 'rope access only' gear and a full pin kit. The boat boofs easily, tracks well, resurfaces fairly quickly, changes direction on a dime, and rolls easily. The plastic is super durable, scuff marks that's it.
Cons / The Bad
It is a small boat... don't expect the speed of a Microbat 230. It is a small boat... don't expect a dry ride or to stay on the surface in big water.

If you buy this boat, know what it is designed for, it does those things very well.
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