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First Impressions: Seven2 Axiom 2006

seven2 axiom paddle review

Playak's First Impressions: Seven2 Axiom 2006.


Seven2 just introduced the 2006 version of its Axiom whitewater paddle. Here are Playak's first impressions.

seven2 axiom paddle review


  • Length: 194 cm
  • Offset: 30°
  • Weight: approx. 1030g (36oz, confirming the manufactures specs on weight)
  • Material: carbon fiber composite

seven2 axiom paddle review


  • The Axiom represents the ultimate whitewater design and bombproof materials and construction.
  • Ergonomically correct grips relieve forearm fatigue and maintain correct hand to blade powerface orientation.
  • Reduced diameter shaft creates a performance enhancing flex pattern.
  • Foam core blades surface quicker for more leverage and power.

seven2 axiom paddle review

The Seven2 Axiom paddle is advertised as a whitewater paddle. Due to drought and cold however, Playak could not yet test the paddle in its natural habitat and we were bound to tests on urban paddling trips.

seven2 axiom paddle review

Overall Impression

The overall impression we got is that the Seven2 Axiom has an amazing feel. The Axiom promotes a smooth stroke, provides good control, is nice to roll and has an ergonomic design. I got to admit, the design looks pretty sexy with its soft lines and its uncommon color combination silver / blue.


The Axiom has a medium sized blade. The blade feels well balanced, facilitates a smooth stroke and provides good control in several situations.


Seven2 advertises that its ergonomically correct grips relieve forearm fatigue and maintain correct hand to blade powerface orientation. The grip actually is in an angle to the shaft axis, very similar to a bent-shaft paddle. Indeed, I regularly experience problems with my wrist, which was significantly less the case with this paddle. The material provides good grip. The grip fits my hand size well and seems suitable for various hand sizes. Furthermore, the grip shape helps to intuitively figure out how the blade is oriented.

seven2 axiom paddle review

The position of the grips (66cms width) force me to hold this paddle narrower than I am used to my paddle (btw it's available with 61 cms grip width as well). After getting used to it, this position worked fine for me too. The slightly closer grip position facilitates the blade to completely submerge into the water, to be, in combination with the buoyant stiffener of the blade, exactly were it should be for a smooth stroke.


Compared to other composite paddles, the Axiom has a pretty small shaft diameter with tons of flex. The high flex gets most obvious when hitting a rock but the impact felt by the paddler is less severe as with stiffer paddles. The advertised performance enhancing flex pattern because of the reduced diameter shaft... well, at the end of the day it only counts that the paddle definitely has a good feel.

seven2 axiom paddle review


I couldn't think of many things I didn't like about this paddle. Well, scratches on the blade are better visible than on blades of dark carbon composite paddle because of the contrast between the silver and the carbon composite underneath it.


A carefully designed paddle worth having a look at to see if it fits your paddle style.

seven2 axiom paddle review

Attention: If you live in the UK, you'll also be able to buy Seven2 paddles at the Birmingham NEC 2006 (March 17-19). Steve Fisher will be at the Seven2 booth as well, so that may be another reason to visit the NEC :-)

For Playak,
Michalis Meyer.

Posted: 8 years 4 months ago by Cudamav #18206
Cudamav's Avatar
I have two friends that have purchased Seven 2 Helio paddles recently. I used it one flatwater once, and it was decent to paddle with but:

My bro-in-law got one and after one day on a lake practicing his roll, he noticed that it sounded like there were pieces rattling around inside of it, so he took it back. The second one started getting water in it after one trip down a class 3 river and had a large crack on the edge of the blade that went all the way into the foam filled interior, so he took it back and got a Werner Stikine and has had zero issues since.

My kayaking buddy has had one since the beginning of the season, and I am not kidding when I say that the blades have more repair spots then actual original blade. It has cracked, leaked, chipped, and is now mostly resin. He is looking for another paddle as we speak. He had an older Seven2 that he liked alot and had zero issues with which is why he bought the new one.

I know you are asking about a different paddle, but if it is anything like the Helio, it is overpriced junk from what I have seen. I would like to be proven wrong as I did like how it paddled, and almost bought one myself.

I heard that they were decent years ago, but with my friends recent experiences, I would not recomend the brand to anyone.
Posted: 8 years 4 months ago by jackbay131 #18189
jackbay131's Avatar
lol thanks for the tip , so much for bomb proof
Posted: 8 years 4 months ago by robmeister #18187
robmeister's Avatar
i would strongly recomend going with another paddle. I have owned two seven2
paddles and both have broken on me, in flatwater. They perform alright, but they break like mad, i actually patched up the broken side to use in a pool, and the OTHER side broke on me, i couldn't believe it. never get one.
Posted: 8 years 4 months ago by jackbay131 #31052
jackbay131's Avatar
hey is there any shops in the uk , possibly wales that sell SEVEN2 AXIOM PADDLE (CARBON FIBER) paddles or any1 in the south wales area with a set that i can try before i buy thanks




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