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Transformer 3 (T3)

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For 2003 Wave Sport brings you the newest innovation in playboat technology - the Transformer.

It's the first playboat that lets you easily modify the performance of the kayak to suit the conditions you encounter and the moves you want to do.

Super short 'air' boats make it hard to perform traditional play moves since a short boat isn't very stable when vertical. Long slicey boats are stable in vertical moves but you can't catch any air. Now you can have the best of both worlds in one kayak. Each Transformer comes with 3 sets of interchangeable tips - 5/8" bumpers, 5" slicey tips and 8" slicey tips. In seconds you can switch from poppy air boat performance to long slicey boat performance.

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Posted: 7 years 8 months ago by HowardMorland #21713
HowardMorland's Avatar
Nobody uses the tips anymore. Although I am using a short front tip in my ID picture, I no longer use it.

I got the boat for $150 because the first owner couldn't roll it. I swam two times before I got the hang of rolling it.

After replacing the foot-torture system with a foam block, I find the boat to be comfortable for long periods of time.
Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by boaterx #16359
boaterx's Avatar
Thanks for your highly valued advice guys reckon I,ll re think the transformer maybe go for a riot air 45 paddled one of the and liked it a lot
Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by Jurgen #16325
Jurgen's Avatar
I am surprised no one mentioned the outfitting of the Transformers - not good!
Whilst other boat manufacturers were using ratchet backband systems Wavesport came up with the grand idea of getting tight in your kayak by pulling the foot wells up. There is a cam system that you pull towards yourself once in the boat - of course after a month the cam locked itself up and ceased to work (which was working marginally at best anyway).
I think most kayakers ended up ripping out the system (and the awkwardly shaped footrests) and sticking in foam blocks.
The thigh braces are incredibly uncomfortable even after trying every possible permutation. If I have not paddled the boat for a while my hips/thighs go numb and I can not actually walk until I have sat down and let the blood circulate back.
Rip out the front cam system and replace with a ratchet set up and replace the thigh braces and you will have a slow but steady boat that is very forgiving and will last a long time.
Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by ZIGBO #16269
ZIGBO's Avatar
I also used to paddle a transformer (not sure if it was t3 or t2):

It was fairly good boat, quite bulky and was extremely buoyant for its size, it was very slow and felt too large (and probably was but as wwdemon mentioned before was he met the weight range yet was still very big).

It may be good for you but I didn't like it very much (probably because it was wrong for me).
Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by wwdemon #16020
wwdemon's Avatar
I used to paddle a T3 a couple of years ago.
It did me some good, the boat is predictable, stable, not too catchy, not bad for moderate river-running. But:
Slow as hell, too wide, does nor carve too well (edges not built for that), tips WILL fall of (screws get ripped right out of the plastic), heavy to carry.
In retrospect - I am glad that I had it, and I am glad to have moved on.
One thing for sure - T3 was too big for me (more like huge), even though I macthed WS weight range for the boat.
Don't get me wrong - it might work well for you, all depends on what kind of stuff you paddle, how you paddle and your size and weight. I am about 77-78 kg (don't know what that is in stones, pounds, libras, cucumbers or what ever you people measure your selfs there :lol: ), so make sure you are well heavier then me if you're thinking T3 for proper playboating.
All in all a second hand WS T3 might be a reasonable (financially :2cents:) solution, but there are better boats out there.
I you do go for it - make sure to check for cracks around the seat screws - it's a weak spot.
Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by boaterx #31169
boaterx's Avatar
Hi I,m thinking about buying a wavesport transformer does anyone know the up sides or down sides to the boat are the tips secure or do they fall of if you hit a rock




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