Wavesport Transformer 1 (T1) Transformer 1 (T1)

Transformer 1 (T1)

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orange, nuclear waste, yellow, blue, steel blue, red


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For 2003 Wave Sport brings you the newest innovation in playboat technology - the Transformer.

It's the first playboat that lets you easily modify the performance of the kayak to suit the conditions you encounter and the moves you want to do.

Super short 'air' boats make it hard to perform traditional play moves since a short boat isn't very stable when vertical. Long slicey boats are stable in vertical moves but you can't catch any air. Now you can have the best of both worlds in one kayak. Each Transformer comes with 3 sets of interchangeable tips - 5/8" bumpers, 5" slicey tips and 8" slicey tips. In seconds you can switch from poppy air boat performance to long slicey boat performance.

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