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Uploaded By: gerdk1. Added on: 03 December 2012.
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NORWAY - Gerd Serrasolses Highlights Summer 2012 Some of my paddling and traveling highlights during summer 2012 in Norway. Awesome rivers, amazing landscape and great friends made the perfect summer adventure in Europe's kayaking mecca. Big thanks to Evan and Fred from SMH for the footage, as well as Anton, Sweden for the pics, my bro for his support, Mathias for showing me around and being spec helpful, Martin for sharing his amazing place with me and Ali, and everyone I paddled with in my favorite European destination (only from May to early September though!). Main Fooatge: Serrasolses Bros Prod Substantial Media House Additional cameras: Aleix Salvat, Jorge Thorsen, Martin Vollen, Mathias Fossum, Anton Immler, Alícia Casas Shot on: Canon EOS 7D + Go Pro Hero 2 Photo by: Mathias Fossum More: