"The Pots"


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Uploaded By: MIXMASTRMIKE. Added on: 28 August 2011.
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Last year i first heard of the Pots and i didnt know what to expect. The flow was low but doable. The Pots of the Stillwater is located in the super scenic Woodbine Canyon. Its pretty short strech that offers good bang for its buck. I made it back this year about a month earlier than last years timing and with a good runnable flow, 955 cfs on the stilly gauge. Burgess from Billings decided to meet me on his way to the Payettes. The lines were super classic Montana technical boating with boofs, rock slides; just need one more thing more water! I could see this run being a blast with more water. quick but very doable. ill be back soon enough North Fork coming up this next weekend. Enjoy the Montana version of the Popo Agie.