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Wilderness Systems: Commander 120
Wilderness: Easley, S.C. (July 20, 2009): Commander 120cx: The multi-layered hull of the Commander 120cx Limited is the first kayak ever to be infused with Innegra S tm, the lightest, high perfomance fiber available. This ballistic grade material is used in the most demanding of applications, from body armor to Formula One racecars; and now it finds a home on the water. This translates into an extremely stiff and lightweight hull, which offers maximum responsiveness on the water. - The Commander 120cx arrives fully featured, with all of the accessories and outfitting needed to hit the water immediately, from customized bow and stern storage covers to a complete Angler package, with rod holders and an anchor trolley. - Only 25 Commander 120cx Limited Edition kayaks will be available worldwide. Each will be handcrafted and individually numbered.
Wilderness Systems: Commander 120