Smart Track - Control System

by seanymph . Updated: 6 years ago

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Key features of SmartTrack Control System: -  - - Solid foot control through the Toe Pilot Foot Controls; they allow you to stay braced in the kayak while finessing the rudder. -  - - Nearly universal fit across kayaks on the market with an Blade Housing that is available in more than 6 different mounting options. -  - - Super efficient turns via the Foil Blade which offers greater turning power and less drag than most rudder blades on the market. -  - Improvements made to Smart Track in the past couple of years: - New and improved aluminum rails on the Toe Pilot Controls! The super strong anodized aircraft aluminum is designed to prevent failure. -   - Stronger Foot Pedals, Pedal Adjustment Bars, and Foil Blades made from UV resistant, fiber-filled nylon injection molded materials. -  - Folks who are interested can contact Paddlers Supply for dealer information.