NORTH WATER, Paddle sports equipment - OR 2008

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EDS "Emergency deployment system" Belt: North Water redesigned the DFO Belt System to dramatically increase its adaptability. By using a modular approach, firefighters, search and rescue and other swiftwater response teams can customize the "EDS" belt to meet specific requirements while addressing a much broader range of rescue needs. It starts with a floatation equipped belt and a rated "swiftwater blow-out buckle". On either side of the waist is a single-hand deployable quick release system. This configuration allows you to mount equipment suitable for the unique rescue environment at hand. It cdan be rigged in the traditional configuration with a gear pouch on one side and throw bag on the other. For teams performing specdial operations like containment, system rigging, recovery and rescue, it can also be converted to carry multiple throw bags, gear pouch and two throw bags, or gear pouches for additional hardware. Both gear pouches and throw bags are interchangeable and available separately.
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WCK Canyon Liner: This amazing piece of gear was put together in association with World Class Kayak Academy. It is perfect for steep creeking and great for belaying boats and equipment. Long enough tgo use as a quick harness, anchoring, safety rigging and quick support for both on and off water applications. Its uses are endless. The pouch is high strength webbing with a locking carabineer attached to each end. Reflective webbing gives it high visibility and the drain holes keep the water out. Bar-tacked loops allow you to adjust the working length. It also makes a great flip line.
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