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GaugeTrend Last readingWhen
Appoquinimink River Near Odessa, De11.7 °C 1 hour ago
Bucks Branch Near Atlanta, De5.54 ft 1 hour ago
11.2 °C 1 hour ago
Christina River At Newport, De5.03 ft 1 hour ago
12.3 °C 1 hour ago
Christina River At Wilmington, De5.39 ft 1 hour ago
Delaware River At New Castle, De5.56 ft 1 hour ago
Delaware River At Reedy Island Jetty, De11.8 °C 1 hour ago
Dove Nest Branch Near Odessa, De4.9 cfs (~0.14 m3/s) Aug 5 2013
3.57 ft 1 hour ago
5 ft3/s 1 hour ago
Indian River At Rosedale Beach, De2.24 ft 1 hour ago
Indian River Bay Inlet Near Bethany Beach, De1.44 ft 1 hour ago
Jefferson Creek At South Bethany, De1.17 ft 1 hour ago
Little Assawoman Bay At Fenwick Island, De1.21 ft 1 hour ago
Massey Ditch At Massey Landing, De8.3 °C 1 hour ago
Murderkill River At Bowers, De4650 cfs (~131.67 m3/s) Aug 5 2013
1.65 ft 1 hour ago
0.82 ft/sec 1 hour ago
1860 ft3/s 1 hour ago
Rehoboth Bay At Dewey Beach, De2.06 ft 1 hour ago
Spring Mill Branch Near Armstrong, De1 cfs (~0.03 m3/s) Aug 5 2013
4.13 ft 1 hour ago
3.4 ft3/s 1 hour ago

Color legend: Gauge colors vary according to water levels (compared to the average):

  • Dark blue = very wet
  • White = average
  • Dark yellow = very dry (or high negative flow, e.g. in canals and tidal rivers)

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If you want to include your local flows in the Playak Flows Database, please contact Jeroen by using the contact form from the top menu (under Playak). Please send me all relevant details, most important is that I know where I can collect the realtime flows from the Internet.