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Stations in France

Flows Path: » Gauges » France

Welcome to the all new Playak Flow Database. Click on a location below to to see a graphic with the latest developments for that location.

GaugeTrend Last readingWhen
Agly, St Paul de Fenouillet0.282 m3/s (~10 cfs) Sep 6
Ain, Bourg-de-sirod2.13 m3/s (~75 cfs) Sep 6
Angillon, Champagnole0.243 m3/s (~9 cfs) Sep 6
Ardèche, Pont d'Ucel (Ucel)2.81 m3/s (~99 cfs) Sep 6
Ardèche, Pont De_Labeaume3.39 m3/s (~120 cfs) Sep 6
Aude, Cassaignes0.084 m3/s (~3 cfs) Aug 30
Aude, Quillan303 m3/s (~10700 cfs) Sep 2
Baume, Rosieres0.595 m3/s (~21 cfs) Sep 6
Bes, Pont De Marchastel0.297 m3/s (~10 cfs) Sep 10 2007
Bienne, Jeurre4.4 m3/s (~155 cfs) Sep 6
Carol, Carol2.11 m3/s (~75 cfs) Sep 6
Cesse, Agel (34)12.1 m3/s (~427 cfs) Oct 26 2012
Ceze, Sénéchas0 m3/s (~0 cfs) Aug 30
Coise, Larajasse [le Nezel]0.107 m3/s (~4 cfs) Sep 5
Cure, Crottefou1.09 m3/s (~38 cfs) Sep 6
Cure, Foissy2.37 m3/s (~84 cfs) Sep 6
Doubs, Goumois12.2 m3/s (~431 cfs) Sep 6
Doux, Lamastre0.499 m3/s (~18 cfs) Sep 6
Dranse d'Abondance, Vacheresse4.24 m3/s (~150 cfs) Sep 6
Drôme, Saillans1.76 m3/s (~62 cfs) Sep 6
Durance, La Clapière31.6 m3/s (~1116 cfs) Sep 6
Esteron, Le Broc - La Clave2 m3/s (~71 cfs) Sep 6
Eyrieux, Le Cheylard2.57 m3/s (~91 cfs) Sep 6
Eyrieux, Les Ollieres1.4 m3/s (~49 cfs) Sep 6
Fier, Dingy-Saint-Clair2.65 m3/s (~94 cfs) Sep 6
Fresquel, Pezens238 m3/s (~8405 cfs) Aug 5
Gardon, St Jean du Gard0.44 m3/s (~16 cfs) Sep 6
Gardon, Ste Cécile d'Andorge0.92 m3/s (~32 cfs) Aug 25
Glueyre, Gluiras [Tisonèche]0.141 m3/s (~5 cfs) Sep 6
Guiers Mort, Saint-Laurent-du-Pont0.76 m3/s (~27 cfs) Sep 6
Jonte, Meyrueis0.119 m3/s (~4 cfs) Sep 7 2007
Lot, Mende0.588 m3/s (~21 cfs) Sep 10 2007
Loue, Vuillafans9.75 m3/s (~344 cfs) Sep 6
Mimente, Florac0.233 m3/s (~8 cfs) Sep 10 2007
Orb, Vieussan aval9.94 m3/s (~351 cfs) Sep 6
Orbiel, Lastours6.27 m3/s (~221 cfs) Feb 19 2013
Orbieu, Lagrasse12.4 m3/s (~438 cfs) Apr 4
Rébenty, St Martin Lys0.312 m3/s (~11 cfs) Sep 6
Rhône, Lagnieu (CNR)181 m3/s (~6392 cfs) Sep 6
Saine, Syam0.529 m3/s (~19 cfs) Sep 6
Seille, Voiteur0.936 m3/s (~33 cfs) Sep 6
Semène, Saint-Didier en Velay0.485 m3/s (~17 cfs) Sep 5
Tech, Amelie-les-Bains1.69 m3/s (~60 cfs) Sep 6
Têt, Rodes7.45 m3/s (~263 cfs) Sep 6
Tinée, Saint Sauveur sur Tinée2 m3/s (~71 cfs) Sep 6
Valserine, Chézery-Forens1.53 m3/s (~54 cfs) Sep 6
Vésubie, Utelle - Sainte Thérèse2 m3/s (~71 cfs) Sep 6
Vis, Saint Laurent le Minier1.46 m3/s (~52 cfs) Sep 6
Volane, Vals Les Bains0.17 m3/s (~6 cfs) Sep 1

Color legend: Gauge colors vary according to water levels (compared to the average):

  • Dark blue = very wet
  • White = average
  • Dark yellow = very dry (or high negative flow, e.g. in canals and tidal rivers)

Idea: click on the column heading 'Last Reading' to sort this list by wetness...

If you want to include your local flows in the Playak Flows Database, please contact Jeroen by using the contact form from the top menu (under Playak). Please send me all relevant details, most important is that I know where I can collect the realtime flows from the Internet.




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