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Remix 59

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Liquid Logic

1437 Dana Rd.
NC 28792

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Shane Benedict


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The world works in cyclical ways and whitewater kayaks have progressed tons over the last several years.

Change in the sport has taken us to unimaginable places and we have been proud to be driving that change. That said, as boats have gotten shorter, a fundamental concept is in danger of being lost. With the help of dozens of instructors, we designed the new Remix series to carve, to glide and to provide beginners, intermediates and experts with that age old rush that comes with speed.

Perfect for novices and instructors excited about rolling and proper eddy turns, big water junkies wanting to safely push their limits or experiences racers looking to cash-in, the Remix is a new concept alltogether that combines the clear advantages of a relatively narrow and longer hull platform with modern chine placement to create an unrivaled comfortable, stable and responsive package.

We're not talking about a dud here that's too long to turn or too wide to edge. We're talking about a boat that travels smoothly and easily over the water and, thanks to extra width at the ends, provides reassuring stability. We're talking about a boat that carves like a ski when put on edge, stays on the surface when running drops, has a fast hull for catching waves that others just can't catch, rolls easily and inspires confidence.

Like an updated classic tune with its new, funky, progressive backbeat, the Remix blends the soul of the past with the technology of present in a vision for the future.

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Overall rating 
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I tested this boat 1 week and after the first 30 minutes, I knew that I would love it ;-)
With this boat, I can do whatever I want, it will follow smoothly, precisely and safely (and of course very fastly).
I think it's the perfect kayak for anybody with the same height/weight. Compared to the salto, I need 50% less effort to move the boat and I can enjoy my paddling at 200%.
Salto evo was good for my first steps because it removed the fear I had. Now that I'm more confortable on the water, the remix59 is perfect for the next steps and I feel as much safe as with the salto evo...
I can't wait for my order to be shipped (have to be patient as living in Switzerland...)

Thanks liquidlogic for making this awesome boat.


About Me
Beginner / Middle level kayaker (level2-3) since 4 years. I have a prijon fly and a salto evo 2009 that I always take (fly only for lake because does not forgive enough errors ...). But the salto has too much volume (what I looked for first to feel more safe) for my weight/height and I fortunately discovered the remix...
Height : 1m80
Weight : 65kg
Age : 30
Pros / The Good
- Precise
• Fast
• Secure (even with it's 220L of volume)
• Confortable
Cons / The Bad
- Not yet discovered
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Posted: 7 years 7 months ago by chommy #22021
chommy's Avatar
Yep the Remix59 is a sweet boat; it’s very easy to roll and really mobile. I definitely recommend getting one. Hope you enjoy kayaking; it’s quite different to the open canoeing, both have their advantages and disadvantages but both are a lot of fun.

Posted: 7 years 7 months ago by mooncrossing #22009
mooncrossing's Avatar
Are you still enjoying your Remix 59? I too am an open boater just getting into kayaking - I plan to learn to roll in whichever boat I end up with.
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by nathan #20960
nathan's Avatar
I kinda love that boat. It's definitely on of the best boats I have paddled. It was a toss up for that and a nomad 8.1 for a fast creekboat. I chose the nomad but the remix is great.
Posted: 7 years 10 months ago by chommy #20939
chommy's Avatar
I've been an open canoe paddler for a while and wanted to push the size of the rapids I shot so after much reaearch I bought a the Remix 59. I took it on a trip last weekend ( a novice kayaker) and managed to successfully shoot some grade 3 to grade 4 rapids first time i paddled it. Was really responsive and I found it very easy to manouvre. The flat water was not so easy and everytime you stop paddling it turns; but I expected this. I'm really happy with it.
Posted: 8 years 3 months ago by Gioiosagirl #31215
Gioiosagirl's Avatar
I'm wondering what the opinions are of the new remix from anyone that's already paddled it......?????




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