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New Designer for Pyranha

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January 28, 2011
Runcorn, UK

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Innovative whitewater kayak manufacturer Pyranha is delighted to announce that Robert Peerson will be joining their design team. The team of enthusiasts at Pyranha makes advances in design and production every year and Roberts’ enthusiasm is sure to complement a passion for excellent kayak design.

Primarily a white water kayaker, Robert has been working in the paddle sport industry for over 10 years and has a string of awards and world class kayak designs under his belt.

Robert will continue to live in Asheville, North Carolina where Pyranha US is based, working closely with the team there and in the UK to pushing design into the future and further defining Pyranha as a world team.

‘I am extremely excited to be joining the Pyranha family and I look forward to sharing my passion for kayaking and design. I feel this opportunity will allow me to expand on my personal and professional goals with an innovative and core company.’ --Robert Peerson

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