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New River Surfing Trick-Zack Frontside 360 - Badfish SUP co-owner and shaper is a super creative river surfer, taking his years of surfing and skateboarding experience and always searching for the next river surfing trick. He figured out the frontside 360 spin this summer and is still the only one sticking it. Here's Zack sticking his first ever frontside 3 and then dialing it in at the Glendwood Springs Wave on the Colorado River. Board: Custom Badfish 6'11 River Surfer. Shot and Edited by Heather Jackson.
Added: Jul 10.

Colorado River Surfing With Badfish SUP - A session with team Badfish SUP surfing the Glenwood Springs Wave on the Colorado River during high flows in the summer of 2014. The team is surfing the wave on the 6'11 and 8' River Surfers. www.badfishsup.com shot and edited by Heather Jackson.
Added: Jul 2.

River Surfing Trick with Badfish SUP Team Rider Miles - Miles sticking a new trick on his Badfish Stand Up Paddleboard 6'11 River Surfer in the Salida, Colorado whitewater park. River surfing has been epic this year in Colorado with the big run....
Added: Jun 14.

Cutting Down a Center Fin for the River - Badfish SUP takes you through cutting down a 9" FCS Dolphin Soft Flex fin to 4" to use while paddling the river. This a good length when you are paddling on ....
Added: Feb 3.

Miles Harvey 2013 SUP Highlights - A quick look at Badfish SUP/Boardworks Surf team rider, 11 year old Miles Harvey..
Added: Jul 24 2013.