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Skookumchuck Narrows, the P&H Hammer, and a damn Zombie - Check out how much fun the P&H Hammer can be on a wave. Since moving to the west coast the ocean has been pulling me towards it. There is just so much to see in what is a pretty uncomfortable, but very cool environment... at least to me. I'm sure I will get more used to it. Anyway, check out Matt Anger and some random Zombie surfing the hell out of the Skookumchuck Gnarrows..
Added: Jul 24.

Sea Kayaking at Cape Flattery on the Olympic Peninsula, WA - So I have had this footage for a while and finally got it together. Sea kayaking can be very stout I have found. These clips are from the most Northwest point of the Olympic Peninsula which would be the furthest Northwest point in the lower 48. This amazing place is called Cape Flattery, WA. The amount of cool things we saw that day is not really shown here, but you can get a little bit of an idea of whats up. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots of the Whales or huge Stellar Sea Lions. These sea lions were massive and very territorial. They can get up to 1,500 pounds and swim way faster than you. Go sea kayaking, it will make you feel very small I promise..
Added: Jul 9.

Durango Larry - Durango Colorado may be the best all around place in the state for whitewater kayaking. You not only have my favorite creeks in the state, but now, what I think is the best whitewater park I have ever been to, east or west. Durango is ‪#‎church‬! This shit running is from the 3rd gorge of Lime Creek, Rockwood Box, and the Durango Playpark..
Added: Jul 6.

Dave swims, 1st drop on Upper Cherry Creek - Yea I swam my ass off here..
Added: May 25.

Team Pyranha Waterfall Clinic at Sunset Falls, WA - Alder Creek Canoe and Kayak shop helped us set up a sweet little waterfall clinic at Sunset falls on the East Fork Lewis. It was a church Easter Sunday out there with a good bit of progression on this little bastard! Thanks to all who attended!.
Added: Apr 6.






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