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ON LOCATION: Tetons - 2014 has been one of the best years in recent history for the Tetons..
Added: Mar 23.

Demshitz camping out of kayaks, Meadow through the Gauley - This was an awesome trip! We paddled about 40 miles in two days. Living out of your kayak is so nice! The Meadow river is a tributary to the Gauley. It drops into the Gauley at the top of Lost Paddle, one of the bigger rapids on the Gauley..
Added: Mar 16.

Live Fern Cliff Collective from the Foggy Goggle - FCC covering Pure Prairie League's Amie. This action was from Friday nights show at the Foggy Goggle at 7 Springs Mountain resort..
Added: Feb 26.

Demshitz on West Virginia's Cranberry Creek - This is basically a new run that was recently found, cleaned out and paddled by Shane Groves and John Moore. There are mainly slides on this run with one tricky little 8 footer. It gave myself and Josh a little trouble. It's a really good run the bummer of the whole deal is that the water is really dirty. It is literally feed from parking lots up in Beckley and at least two water treatment plants run into the Cranberry. Wear plugs!! The Cranberry then feeds into the PIney river. This is pretty good class 3 with a maybe 3 bigger drops. Piney then feeds into the New where we took out..
Added: Feb 24.

Shred Ready Snow - Shred Ready loves the snow! Enjoy some powder slinging, cliff sending, big air with the Shred Ready Forty4 and New Eleven! Athlete's: Hunter Higgins, Dave Wadleigh, John Regan, Kurt Casey, Kevin Blue, Elin Tortorice, Brent Meyer, Keenan Hawkins, Hazen Woolson, Dave Fusilli, Tony Rossi, Jess Daddio, Ian Smith, and Alex Dean Edit: Dave Fusilli.
Added: Jan 28.