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Rainbow River fish under my kayak

Daily Motion (52 min. ago) - Rainbow River fish under my kayakAutor: JarrellRidgeTags: Rainbow River fish under my kayak gepostet: 03 August 2015Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Extreme Kayaking and more - Great Falls, Virginia

Daily Motion (3 hrs. ago) - Extreme Kayaking and more - Great Falls, VirginiaAutor: AmbersOlieTags: Extreme Kayaking and more - Great Falls Virginia gepostet: 03 August 2015Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Shell Oil ship passes under Portland bridge after dangling protesters come down

Daily Motion (4 hrs. ago) - A Shell Arctic oil-drilling vessel made its way Thursday under a Portland bridge and out to sea after being stalled for more than 24 hours in the harbor by demonstrators dangling from the St. Johns Bridge.After some Greenpeace USA protesters who had been suspended on the bridge since as early as 2 a.m. Wednesday voluntarily came down and authorities forced others in kayaks to leave, the icebreaker made its way through a small opening on the Willamette River. Shell's Fennica was on its way to an Alaska drilling operation. Activists in kayaks tried a last ditch attempt to block it once again, but the Coast Guard thwarted their efforts, according to local news reports. Autor: MashableTags: portland arctic shell protesters oil gepostet: 03 August 2015Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Great Falls Kayaking 7-26-13

Daily Motion (7 hrs. ago) - Great Falls Kayaking 7-26-13Autor: JarvisMetroTags: Great Falls Kayaking 7-26-13 gepostet: 03 August 2015Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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Venice Kayak - kayaking in Venice, Italy.

Daily Motion (10 hrs. ago) - Venice Kayak - kayaking in Venice, Italy.Autor: CooperDavanteTags: Venice Kayak - kayaking in Italy. gepostet: 03 August 2015Bewertung:0.0Votes:0  read more...

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