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And this is why you practice second throws...

/r/whitewater (4 hrs. ago) - submitted by jweavs01 [link] [comment]  read more...

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Time Site Headline
37 min. agoBoatertalk Nantahala maintenance
1 hour agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : Sunny Toutle Friday
2 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Reviews Atlantis Vex Profusion 8'6' X 291/4 x 126.4Lt=$900
2 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Rare white dolphin glimpsed in Monterey Bay
2 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Father, son bag charging 700-pound boar in North Carolina
3 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Dust off the Guns look what's coming
3 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP SYDNEY SUP DEMO - Sunday Feb.8th
4 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP SYDNEY SUP FESTIVAL and Scotland Island race
4 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: [RPT] LWR Sac River 1.29.15
4 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: 2002 SUP.
4 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Old School Kayaks
4 hrs. agoYakAngler Pedal vs. Paddle
4 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: EPS - Pro Handle Grip – Has anyone tried it or know about it ??
4 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Sonoma trailcam pics
5 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Reviews Jimmy Lewis Air Maestro?
5 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers WTT my awesome 2012 hobie outback for a revo
5 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Ugly Stiks deal?
5 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Ugly Stiks deal?
5 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Ugly Stiks deal?
5 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Cruise Angler 12 vs. Cuda 14'
5 hrs. agoBoatertalk Kayaking has allowed me to meet so many cool people!
6 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: updat on Tyler Nelums, Randall Ray Nelums son
6 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman holly beach texas update
6 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Kayak fisherman's baptism
6 hrs. agoBoatertalk Daddies Creek Race: lost rescue vest and throw rope. Anyone pick these up from the takeout/campfire?
6 hrs. agoSeaBreeze SUP Tassie Talk
6 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Cabelas base layer sale
7 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: SUP'ing Jalama??
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: 22 shells I just got some
7 hrs. Question for those good with computers
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers 22 shells I just got some
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Help to Remember James Lebowitz
7 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman Predator 13 or Big Game 2??!!!
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: FUNNY STUFF......
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: predator 13 update
7 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: My just released book
7 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers [RPT] LWR Sac River 1.29.15
7 hrs. agoTX Kayak Fisherman anyone have or have owned a hobie evolve? questions
8 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Re: two pics from yesterday
8 hrs. agoStand Up Zone Nazare pic
8 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: $800 hobie OB at Caspar warning.
8 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers $800 hobie OB at Caspar warning.
8 hrs. agomountainbuzz Kayak instruction near Montrose?
9 hrs. agoProfessor Paddle Whitewater Forum : friday halfday
9 hrs. agoStripers Online Best ruler
9 hrs. agoBoatertalk Large Karma seating position
9 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Re: Fiberglass scupper pro
9 hrs. agoNorCal Kayak Anglers Fiberglass scupper pro
9 hrs. agoYakAngler Your Biggest Freshwater Fish

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