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The Playak News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, Playak editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

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Sep 19Instagram STAFF REVIEW - Kokatat Tempest Jacket The jacket felt super light-weight on the water, and I had so much freedom of movement around my arms and shoulders it barely felt like I was wearing a jacket at all! It was perfect for my morning paddle before work which turned out to be a little chilly at first, but when the sun eventually came out the Tempest jacket did not cause me to overheat. Another top product from @kokatatusa. #Kokatat #tempest #seakayak #kayak #sea #ocean #seakayaking #watersports #wales #newtonbeach #porthcawl
Aug 9Standup Journal FB Take a load off! Thesuphipster harness allows you to carry the weight of your board on your hip for ease of carry! No more weighing down one shoulder and stopping to switch sides. Just slide it into the innovative 'hook & harness' design and down the beach you go! Thanks Sup Hipster!
Jul 30Zane Schweitzer FB What an epic Ka’iwi crossing for this year’s @molokai2oahu! The winds and swell were cranking and records times were broken in more than 1 category. I finished in 3 hours and 7 minutes from west end of Moloka’i to Hawai’i Kai, O’ahu! My race started off on a great note, hitting some of my highest speeds I’ve had on a Downwind foil run and I was feeling in rhythm and in the right place to well under 3 hours until I had a BIG CRASH! Haha going 20mph+ and falling from ~8ft to splat flat really was my biggest mistake I made throughout the race, that 1 fall. It costed me a lot of time and energy as I twisted my shoulder and lost my remaining water in my water pack on impact. It took me a good 5-10 minutes to get back off the water and flying again. Once I was up I knew I lost a lot of ground, so I did my best to stay focused and make up for ground. Mahalo for all the aloha and support from all my friends, I appreciate the good energy you guys sent my way ...
Jul 30Jackson Kayak FB This got us giggling with excitement! The new NRS/Jackson Kayak Hoodie is here! Get it now!! 'If kayakers could only have one piece of (non-safety) apparel, the versatile NRS Varial Hoodie with its head-to-waist protection would be a top choice. The integrated sun hood and neck gaiter let you adjust to conditions on the fly, and on the water, without taking off the shirt. Use the hood and neck gaiter separately, or in combination. The poly/spandex fabric dries quickly, wicks moisture and delivers UPF 50 sun protection. Small, laser-cut holes around the mouth and nose of the neck gaiter release excess moisture preventing condensation build-up on glasses. Hood and gaiter loosely hang around the neck and back when not in use. Construction design eliminates seams under the arms and on the shoulders to deliver friction-free zones for paddling, rowing and casting comfort with a PFD. Thumb loops in the sleeves extend the sun protection to the fingers by preventing ...
Jun 27Instagram It never gets old catching snapper with strong shoulders! #OldTownPredatorPDL #Kokatat #YakAttack #WernerPaddles
Jun 22Perception Kayaks FB The Splash Tankwell Cooler is your ultimate summer companion, backpack style shoulder straps and strong haul handle make for easy traveling while the ½” thick insulating foam keeps drinks and food cold all day.
Jun 21Liquid Logic FB Some of the best whitewater in the world lies at the end of a hike. Learn to carry on both shoulders, using different techniques, for safety and going the distance. It doesn't hurt to have outfitting that pads the cockpit rim for carrying in to your next adventure.
Jun 20Perception Kayaks FB The Splash Tankwell Cooler is the ultimate kayak soft cooler designed to fit in the storage wells on the deck of sit-on-top kayaks and versatile enough for everyday use too. A zippered opening on top provides the ultimate convenience when accessing drinks and foodA low-profile shape minimizes the impact of wind. YKK water-resistant zipper, water-proof materials, and RF welded internal seams keep splash and rain out. ½” thick insulating foam keeps drinks and food cold all day. Adjustable backpack style shoulder straps and strong haul handle for easy portage. Four D-rings located in each corner for lashing down to kayak. Heavy duty material on bottom panel for added durability. Not intended for submersion or storing fish. Capacity - 40L. 20 cans assuming 1:1 ratio of ice • Designed to fit in the storage wells on the deck of sit-on-top kayaks • A zippered opening on top provides the ultimate convenience when accessing drinks and food • A low-profile shape ...
Jun 18Liquid Logic FB Did you know we updated BadAss Outfitting? Check it out! Not only does it wrap around you like a glove, but is now indestructible and non-abrasive for summer bareback paddling. It still has the integrated shoulder pads for carrying your boat and integrated hip pad covers for easy adjustments. We also added a half inch of closed cell foam to the seat cushion to protect from those big ass impacts. And it's all made right here in Western North Carolina.
Jun 12Dagger FB Training has begun at the just completed freestyle feature in Sort Spain for the Freestyle Kayaking World Championships. TeamDagger‘s Hunter Katich has bounced back from a shoulder injury at the US Team Trials & is working hard for the top spot on the podium. Get some Hunter!!! Video: Paul Palmer
Jun 4Instagram Shoulder almost healed enough to paddle again. Today just thinking back to a cold, but successful, day on the river. #kayak #kayaking #kayakfishing #kayakfish #riverfishing #potomacriver #cold #maryland #wildernesssystems #kokatat #marylandnature #mothernature #naturelover #naturelovers #naturehippys_ #fiftyshades_of_nature #shotoniphone #bns_nature #stayandwander #getoutside #paddle #paddler #riverfishing #riverrats #riverrat #winterfishing #kayakbassfishing
May 29Instagram Last ride on White Dog wave, Rouge river, QC. / I fell in love with this feature last week. It’s incredibly consistent with a smooth, green shoulder that makes setting up for tricks so much fun. / °°: °°° Double Tap & Tag your Friends°!!! °° Show Your Love°°!! @ilovekayakingig #intothewater #wernerpaddles #kokatatusa °° Lovely shot°° via @darbymcadams @boof_and_destroy °❤️ (Thank u°!!!) °°°TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS°° ..°*°++ °°Tag us to get featured. °°°° Great TEES, MUGS, BAGS, SHOES - click the link in my bio ° @ilovekayakingig ==°-°** #kayaklove #kayakfishing #kayakadventures #kayaking_is_mylife #kayakfun #kayaktours #kayakingislove #kayaktrip #kayakfish
May 19Instagram Haven't surfed since I blew my shoulder out the first time, more than 7 years ago. Fealt good to get back in a wave. Thanks to @sibmonster and @kayakcolo for pushing me, and for the good times! #coloRADo #river #riverrats #gwave #kayak #kayaking #surf #getoutside #getwet #stayoutside #udown #jacksonkayak #kokatatusa #adventuretechnologies #astralbuoyancy #kinddesign #MTNMOB
May 15Instagram After a few weeks off due to a small shoulder injury, it feels absolutely wonderful to be back in the saddle! ° . . . . #whitewaterismagic #whitewatertherapy #phantomfast #daggerkayaks #drawntowater #boof #kayaking #skoboatin #irdry #immersionresearch #gorgelife #sunsoutgunsout #whitewaterboatriding #whitewater #kayak #river #gooutside #getwetstaydry #wernerpaddles #astral #shredready #dirtbag #outdoorlife #kokatat #wildernessculture #staywild #wanderlust #adventureseeker #optoutside #828isgreat
May 12Instagram Last ride on White Dog wave, Rouge river, QC. / I fell in love with this feature last week. It’s incredibly consistent with a smooth, green shoulder that makes setting up for tricks so much fun. / °°: @boof_and_destroy #intothewater #wernerpaddles #kokatatusa
May 10Standup Journal FB ALERT: Carry your SUP with ease! The SUPhipster is a board harness that let's you carry the weight of your SUP on your hips through a simple 'rack system' much like surfers use to transport boards on their bicycles. Easy to use and easy on the shoulders. Great gift for Mom! Check it out:
May 10Instagram I didn’t know that spending about half of my “college savings” (we all know that’s not a real thing) would be the best decision I ever made. I bought an indispensable tool - a camera. That same camera has been thrown over my shoulder for the past 3.5 years, going from photographing simple pics of my home in Maryland, to being suspended over water filled sandstone slot canyons in Utah and granite monoliths in California, to being fully immersed in the glacier fed waters of Kenai Fjords. Here’s to my trusty companion - you give me the confidence to speak louder, to seek out beauty, and remain humble in all that I have to learn. __________________ ° @jamieetrapp
Apr FB New Gear: LocoDry Backpacks & Duffels by: Seattle Sports Waterproof backpacks and duffels with a new patented customizable shoulder strap system and modular water bottle/travel bag. Perfect for on and off water adventures.
Apr FB Featured Review: Gullwing Ergonomic Kayak Paddle by Gullwing Paddles & #11088;& #11088;& #11088;& #11088;& #11088; '..Overall if you have shoulder or back problems as I do it is a great paddle..'
Apr 25Level Six FB The Juneau is a high-performance touring top designed to keep you warm on the water in cold weather. This top is constructed from a combination of our eXhaust 3-ply waterproof-breathable nylon on high-wear areas like the shoulders and arms while keeping the jacket light with our eXhaust 2.5-ply waterproof-breathable nylon on the torso. The Juneau is designed to give you a completely unrestricted range of movement. The overlapping double tunnel and the dual-cinch waist system work with your skirt tunnel to provide you with a drier seal and a better paddling experience. — Products shown: Juneau Jacket.
Apr 18Palm FB First descents have a special place in our collective kayaker memory .. it takes vision to see a line where no-one else has looked, to deal with the consequences and come out the bottom in one piece. Some first D's are every bit as gnarly as they look – a more recent #Palm40years retrospective – Dan Rea-Dickins' line on Chania Falls, Kenya in 2012 in his words .. _______________________ “The weir at the top of the falls is normally a sketchy hole, but on this day the river was so high that it flushed creating a perfect ramp off the lip. As I paddled off the drop my bow lifted more than I wanted but luckily the impact was soft. Once I landed, I went deep – pinned against the river bed and could feel the rocks against my legs through my kayak. This freaked me out so I pulled my deck and swam for it. After some time, I surfaced behind the curtain of water. It was the most incredible view. Luckily there was a channel leading out from behind the waterfall so I swam ...
Apr 10Standup Journal FB Holy April! When April Zilg dives into training, she explore multi-watersports to get a rounded response. One look at her shoulders in this photo and we know this fire cracker is ready to unleash her power at the Carolina Cup in a few weeks! What are some of the ways you cross-train for SUP?
Apr 7Jackson Kayak FB Post your points below in comments- I scored 4/8 Johnny Chase's Life Jacket Checklist: -Whistle: Signaling -20 feet of webbing: Used to lower boats, use as rope if someone is close to you (instead of whole throw bag) Set ankers Clip to boat and hold the rope (instead of holding on the boat) to exit your boat in difficult sports. building Harnesses -4 carabiners 4 locking (two in pockets, one easy access on my shoulder strap, one on my webbing) Non-locking should never be kept outside of pockets, used under pressure or used in places where things could easily clip into it. -1 pulley: Misdirection when setting up mechanical advantages when unpinning boats -2 presicks: Set up mechanical advantages, use to ascend rope Protection while repelling -1 Knife: Cutting rope: Making peanut butter and jellies -1 ATC: An ATC is an extra piece of equipment that I use to repel and lower people. -1 Sham-wow: Cutting a piece of a sham-wow is a great thing to keep in your life jacket to dry ...
Mar 28Kayak Angler Magazine FB Time to extend your fishing season. Here is what 6 pros suggest you wear in the shoulder seasons & #128071; . . #KayakFishing #KayakAngler #Fishing #TightLines #GetBent #BentRods #GoneFishing #FishForever #Lunkers #CatchAndRelease #TheTugIsTheDrug #YakFishing
Mar 18Dagger FB Exciting weekend at Nantahala Outdoor Center for the 2019 US Freestyle Team Trials! We want to congratulate everyone who competed under the chilly & high water/flushy conditions. We also want to send out a HUGE congratulations to Team Dagger’s Hunter Katich for getting the second highest scoring ride in the competition, in only 28 seconds of his 45 second prelims ride (seen here), & securing his spot on the US Team. We wish him a speedy recovery from the shoulder injury he sustained during the competition. Excited to see what rides Hunter can put together during the World Championships in Sort, Spain in early July. His Jitsu is going to fly!
Mar 8Instagram Overcast Afternoon at Wolf Beach I was wakened by the words of a Raven from the top of the trees bordering the west end of the beach. Then, a response from the opposite side of my tent. Again, the tree Raven klocked and whistled and was answered by the Raven outside my door. They chattered back and forth for quite some time and finally I unzipped the tent to find the bird on a log just 5 feet away. He looked at me and then at my PFD that I had left on the log. No food in it so I wasn’t concerned. Mostly I was pleased that he was so close to me and not showing any fear. The two birds talked a bit more while I watched and then the bird on the log flew away. After eating breakfast and packing my boat I was doing my “pre-flight”. Checking that everything was where it should be, as it should be Hatch covers secured, drysuit zippers zipped and suit burped, flares zipped inside the left shoulder pocket, Spot turned on, sending signals, secured to its tether and zipped inside the right shoulder pocket, PFD donned, buckles snapped and zipped closed, Hammer Gel jug full and zipped into the left pocket with a ProBar, EPIRB, and Protein Bar zipped into the right pocket, VHF radio secured to its tether, radio check by accessing weather frequency and buckled into its pocket and WTF? The rubber antennae covering was frayed and the metal spring exposed! That Raven had been chewing on my antennae and had eaten the rubber off the end of it! Bon appetite. Just one more use for duct tape. 51 40'02'N 128 07'13.7'W #REIEmployee, #OptOutside, #3meterswell, #Klemtu2PortHardy2017, , #WildernessSystems, #Tempest170Pro, #Kokatat, #WernerPaddles, #MountainHouse, #PeakSherpa, #HammerGel, #PROBAR, #BCMarineTrails, #TheWildCoast, #TheWildCoast2, #WildCoastMagazine, #PacificWild, #BCFerries, #HakaiLuxvbalis, #CalvertIsland, #ChokedPassage, #WolfBeach, #WuikinuxvTerritorialWaters, #HakaiInstitute, #littleboatbigtide
Feb 25Instagram Had to break it into 2 clips, but here is my adventure from last week. We caught big cedar at flood stage, and it really made me earn it in the ripper. I came off big falls and got beat up in the hole at the bottom. I attempted my first roll, and felt my shoulder pop. I set up again, and when I went for the sweep it popped again but I was able to hit the roll. I had a tingling feeling in my hand, and a sharp pain in my shoulder area. Not knowing really what to do I just thought back to when I injured it a few years back working my patrol dog. The chiropractor had me push backwards while he held my wrist and elbow in position. Gave it a try and sure enough it popped once more and immediately releaved the pain. The next day I had some soreness and bruising, but all in all it still works ° #sendit #pyranhakayaks #pyranharipper #buckupandhuckit #whitewater #adventuretechnologypaddles #immersionresearch #kokatat #shredreadyhelmets
Jan 24Jackson Kayak FB Talk about a hard year for Team JK's David Silk- 3 Shoulder Dislocations! Still looks like he got some great paddling time in though- Here's wishing him a speedy recovery with shoulder surgery!
Jan 21Standup Journal FB 'It felt a bit like Church, the ocean our pulpit.' Stand Up Paddle retreat experiences are like miracle grow to the soul. A week's worth of wet paddles, warm shoulders and laughter throughout the tribe is enough to make even the most adrenal fatigued, a little lighter. Take a breath and dive IN.…/stand-up-paddle-retreats-lisa…/
Jan 12Level Six FB We thought this quote was fitting for this picture by & #128248;@rodpiza 'You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you.' Vandana Shiva #teamwork #spectrum #ictosaurius #scouting #fossilwatch #environment #wegotthis
Jan 9Dagger FB Style points 100%!!! PSA: Remember to be kind to your shoulders. They are essential to a kayaker, and all too often get injured.
Jan 3NRS FB Starting with the bottom-most strap hitting right below your rib cage, cinch the straps from the bottom up, alternating (or shimmying) each side to maintain center positioning on the body. Tighten the shoulder straps last and don't forget to have a buddy triple check your fit. #TipsyThursdays: Where we share how-to's, tips, tricks and hacks that we've learned over the years that will hopefully enhance your boating experience. Have a gear question, instructional need or prefer a different method? Leave us a comment! For more videos:
Dec 10 2018Starboard SUP Surfing FB Did you know that selected models in the 2019 Starboard SUP range come with a fitted shoulder carry strap? This wide and padded strap makes it easier to carry as the board simply hangs effortlessly on the shoulder, whilst freeing up your other arm for multi-tasking. When not in use, the elastic bungee sits flat on the board so it doesn’t drag in the water.
Dec 9 2018Starboard SUP Surfing FB Amazing Shoulder Stand by at @ayogifish ~ great for relieving stress and tension, improves digestion and opens shoulders and neck. Have you tried this one yet? The 10' Inflatable Whopper provides the perfect combination of stiffness and stability to perform this more advanced #supyoga pose!
Nov 30 2018Canoe & Kayak Magazine FB Testing out a trio of three-person backcountry tents on shoulder-season sea kayak and canoe trips: the Sierra Designs Flash 3, Hilleberg Anjan 3, and Big Agnes Happy Hooligan.
Nov 29 2018Starboard SUP Surfing FB Be a paddle warrior with Starboard SUP Yoga Ambassador Nathalie Stettler. Warrior Two to strengthen the legs and open the shoulders, to remind us to be strong and confident in where we stand. Find your perfect #starboardyoga board at
Nov 28 2018Sawyer FB Great shot with a Dyno X cameo! #teamsawyer #thefeelofwater #riverside #madeinoregon #guidelife #sawyerNC #dynox #squaretops #Repost @southernappalachiananglers with @get_repost Thanks for the tag! & #12539;& #12539;& #12539; The release is always the hardest part.. @adiposeboatworks @sawyeroars @rioproducts @templeforkoutfitters @redingtongear @frabillfishing @visitasheville #ashevillenorthcarolina #visitasheville #streamerfishing #whitewater #browntrout #wideshoulders #flyfishing #spinfishing #troutfishing #wncmountains #ashevillefishingguide #ashevilleflyfishing #southernappalachiananglers #simmsfishing #adiposeboatworks #coldwinter #winterwonderland #asheville #ashevillenorthcarolina
Nov 28 2018Starboard SUP Surfing FB Be a paddle warrior with Starboard SUP Yoga Ambassador Nathalie Stettler. Warrior Two to strengthen the legs and open the shoulders, to remind us to be strong and confident in where we stand. Find your perfect #starboardyoga board at
Nov 27 2018Canoe & Kayak Magazine FB Don't shiver your way through shoulder season
Nov 26 2018Instagram My winter break is especially needed this year. Getting into this new-to-me side of kayaking has really taxed my aging body. During the last run on the Rapp I felt the last couple weeks off from regular activity. I took off from yoga and any other exercises to give my knee and shoulder a break. Both have been injured this year and I didn't give them any real time to heal while in season. The nearly three weeks off helped a bunch, both feel better but on the river my breathing was terrible and I felt weaker than usual. I have found that at this age, having a good balance between the physical work and solid rest is the needed to get the best performance from this body on the water. I know that weeks off will have me weaker when its time to perform on the water but going hard everyday will leave me worn out. Hopfully I can repair and rebuild this body through the winter so I can get back at it next year. But I'm still tryin to get a few more runs and catch a few more fish before I go on the winter break. ° This shot is from the Rappahannock River, backside Laucks Island just above the Fall Line. #oceankayak #yakattack #paddleva #kokatat #aquabound #bending_branches #aftco #originalmauijim #nauticstart #kayakkevindotcom
Nov 20 2018Instagram Im getting closer to my winter break and I needed to get one more whitewater run on the Rappahannock River. The water level came down to a good fun level, the air temps were in the mid 50s but the water was cold at 46° The still frame shot is from a new-to-me rapid on the left channels at the last drop. One of the things I love doing on these rivers is exploring the alternate lanes that open up at different levels. The first video is the left lane at 'Carter never saw it' aka 'Iron ring rock' aka 'BFR'. Then I took a side part to the Backside last entrance. It dropped me right into the rapid. The second video is 'Bobs glasses' I took the left lane around the fun boulders turns. The third video I was attempting to take the left side of 'shoulder snapper' but it had some trees in the way so I made my way back over to the main drop then a little squeeze to re-enter the main part of the river. Then its the second drop waves. I was excited to see the left side of the last drop. I have never been over there before but I knew there was enough water to do it. The main drop was crazy enough for me to have to scout it out. On the right a huge hill of churning water was pushing against a huge rock. On the left was a intimidating deep curling wave. The middle was clean with a few big waves. I dont know if that one is named but ill throw out 'Intimidator' for it. ° Water Level 4.2 feet #oceankayak #yakattack #paddleva #kokatat #aquabound #bending_branches #aftco #originalmauijim #nauticstart #kayakkevindotcom
Nov 16 2018NRS FB We're kicking off the 2018 Highlight Reel footy with #TeamNRS paddler Alec Voorhees. With time spent stateside in Idaho, the paddler's mecca that is White Salmon, Washington, and Cali, this season stacked up to be pretty epic. His Canadian adventures included Quebec, eight laps over two weeks on the Stikine and styling the 110 foot Alexandra Falls in the Northwest Territories. On top of that, he ran Tora Bora in Norway, finished 1st place in NFC Boater Cross and 4th place in the Elite Race and spent a couple great weeks teaching at Kelly's Whitewater Park in Idaho. A shoulder injury on Chile's Tres Saltos, brought Alec's season to an abrupt stop, but that just gives him a little more downtime to train and plan for 2019. Jackson Kayak | Werner Paddles | WRSI Safety | Kelly's Whitewater Park | PlayHard-GiveBack
Oct 30 2018Instagram Keeping the bow high and dry. . . . . #whitewaterismagic #drawntowater #kayaking #stoked #ifeelitonmyleftshoulder #skoboatin #shred #americanwhitewater #whitewaterboatriding #whitewater #kayak #gooutside #getwetstaydry #watershed #wernerpaddles #astral #shredready #tdub #dirtbag #outdoorlife #kokatat #wildernessculture #staywild #wanderlust #adventure #adventureseeker #outdoors #optoutside
Oct 30 2018Instagram The plan was the to take Tex @that_dude_roro on a run but the rains had the rivers high and muddy. I headed to the Rapp which was at a really fun whitewater level of 3.9 feet. Even though the water was muddy I wanted to try some muddy water lures. I got a 3/8oz dark color spinner bait, but want to try a 1/2oz. I also had two crawdad style crank baits that I wanted to try. It was interesting feeling it bounce off the rocks. Im gonna keep working on these lures since the water has been muddy a lot. I also wanted to work on the no handed eddy turns and casts. Next at the I95 area I wanted to try alternate routes. At 'Carter never saw it' or 'Big Rock' I took the left lane, it had a nice speedy right turn to it. On the backside I took the left lane at 'Bobs Glasses' then the super fun S turns around the boulders. I dont know if its named but I love taking that route. Ill refer to it as the 'Boulder Turns' 'Shoulder Snapper' was intimidating but I was able to hit it on the side but it still bucked me. Back on the main part of the river Second Drop had some surprising waves.  And the Last Drop is wild as always. ° #oceankayak #yakattack #paddleva #kokatat #aquabound #bending_branches #aftco #originalmauijim #nauticstart #kayakkevindotcom
Oct 29 2018Instagram Had an absolute blast gettin slicey and peepin leaves this weekend on the Tellico. . . . . #whitewaterismagic #flowinessisgodliness #kayaking #stoked #ifeelitonmyleftshoulder #skoboatin #shred #americanwhitewater #whitewaterboatriding #whitewater #kayak #gooutside #getwetstaydry #watershed #wernerpaddles #astral #shredready #tdub #dirtbag #outdoorlife #kokatat #wildernessculture #staywild #wanderlust #adventure #adventureseeker #outdoors #optoutside
Oct 22 2018Eric Jackson Sometimes I need to look over my shoulder.. but it only to give me wife a kiss..
Oct 18 2018Instagram The only thing that makes me happier than waking up in the woods is waking up in the woods to go boating. . . . . #kayaking #stoked #ifeelitonmyleftshoulder #skoboatin #828isgreat #whitewaterboatriding #whitewater #kayak #gooutside #camping #getwetstaydry #watershed #enohammocks #wernerpaddles #astral #shredready #tdub #dirtbag #outdoorlife #kokatat #wildernessculture #staywild #wanderlust #adventure #adventureseeker #outdoors #optoutside
Oct 18 2018Instagram Rock splats are fun. . . . . #kayaking #stoked #ifeelitonmyleftshoulder #skoboatin #whitewaterboatriding #whitewater #kayak #gooutside #getwetstaydry #watershed #wernerpaddles #astral #shredready #tdub #dirtbag #outdoorlife #kokatat #wildernessculture #staywild #wanderlust #adventure #adventureseeker #outdoors #optoutside
Oct 12 2018Instagram Headed into the weekend looking upwards. . . . . #kayaking #stoked #ifeelitonmyleftshoulder #skoboatin #whitewaterboatriding #whitewater #kayak #gooutside #getwetstaydry #watershed #wernerpaddles #astral #shredready #dirtbag #outdoorlife #kokatat #wildernessculture #staywild #wanderlust #adventure #adventureseeker #outdoors #optoutside
Oct 11 2018NRS FB 'Tis the (shoulder) season for pulling out and evaluating your technical outerwear. Don't get caught upriver on a frigid day with a tear in your drysuit. NRS has always been a hub for boating information, from river beta and gear hacks to maintenance and repairs. We love #ThirstyThursdays but before heading to happy hour, learn something new (or refresh your knowledge) with NRS’s #TipsyThursdays. Have a gear question or instructional need? We’ve got a handful of videos queued up but there’s always space for more. Leave us a comment with your how-to video suggestions.



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