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The Playak News Watch continously finds the world"s new paddling headlines. From the huge number of headlines it finds, Playak editors hand-pick and present the best ones (yes, that is very subjective, but they do their best to please our readers) every day, and those that then get the most reader views are sent out in the daily News Flash. Each Friday, we send out the Weekly Digest (instead of the daily News Flash), containing the top headlines of the past 7 days, as well as the most popular videos and forum topics, and a list of upcoming paddling events.

Time Site Headline
16 min. agoWilderness Systems Fishing Kayaks FB The Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate! Functional and durable inside and out, the Kayak Krate is blow-molded, water resistant, is easily lashed within a tankwell, and comes standard with four rod holders. Photo | Bill Dunn
16 min. agoTeva FB One car. Two dogs. Endless miles of open road. & #128247;: Abigail Lafleur-Shaffer
36 min. agoLevel Six FB  #tbt exploring the #bayoffundy coastline looking for play spots with Peter Lavigne in Gooseberry Cove #rocksurfplayrepeat #littleboatbigtide #aquabound #paddlingmixtape #levelsix . . . . . . #explorenb #saintjohn #discoversaintjohn #paddle #coast #seakayaking #rock #explore #wanderlust #outsideisfree #getoutdoors #getoutside #paddlecanada #discovernb #newbrunswick #bayoffundyliving #igers #igerssaintjohn #kayak #seakayak #kayakadventures #raw_canada #gridlesslife & #128247;: Adam Constantine
56 min. agoSawyer FB Thinking about a new paddle for your guide quiver or recreational use? Read along for details on the Canyon-X from Rafting Magazine.
1 hour agoBadfish SUP FB Nick Menchaca catching some air on the iSK8 at the Rio Vista whitewater park in San Marcos, Texas ! Photo: Cameron Field Photography
1 hour agoPerception Kayaks FB Live in a cool-weather climate? Here are some tips on how and where to store your kayak!
1 hour agoAquaBound FB Aqua-Bound added a cover video.
1 hour agoJackson Kayak FB You won’t want to miss the chance to wine two epic Grand Prize Packages! Launching today- one fishing and one whitewater GRAND prize package!! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more info and stay tuned to enter! #merrychristmastome #grandprize
2 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Pretty cool to watch what’s actually going on on the water on a big wave day at Waimea! This was broadcasted live last week from a drone and you can see everything that’s happening in the wave and in the lineup! Check it out! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #bigwave #waimea #hawaii #supsurfing
2 hrs. agoNookie FB Nookie shared a link.
3 hrs. agoJackson Kayak FB A Year of McNasties might be one of our favorite blogs/ videos right now- Talk about dedication!
3 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB Be Like Water today, my friends
5 hrs. agoStand Up Surfing & Paddling FB Kai Lenny keeps pushing this winter as big winter swells hit Peahi! Check out his latest craziness! #supworld #sup #surf #surfing #supsurfing #bigwave #hawaii
5 hrs. agoZET FB Pure happiness.
6 hrs. agoBIC SUP FB Need to escape the winter blues? Adventure is around the corner with a ticket to somewhere tropical and your BIC SUP Air! BIC SUP Air is ultra-light and the convenient backpack carry system makes traveling easy. Find your board, follow your dreams - BIC SUP Ambassadors Matt Hite, Casi Cincotta Rynkowski, Anna Levesque and Jimmy Blakeney
6 hrs. agoStarboard SUP Surfing FB Igor Cherneko getting the drop on the Inflatable River 9'6 x 36. Would you hit this drop?? Pic: Igor Chernenko/ Traektoria Boardshop
6 hrs. agoSweet Protection FB Maybe you forgot protection once. Don´t do it again..
10 hrs. agoMichael Dolsey FB Exciting E-FIN Pre-Order News! The NEW DOLSEY E-FIN IS A MUST HAVE GIFT for the SUP owner who has everything. To be used as: a booster fin for weak paddlers, a paddle assist for those who want it, an aid for fishermen and tour operators, and an assist for multi-person SUP owners. ALL CURRENT STOCK SOLD OUT. PRE-ORDER NOW BY DECEMBER 31! $499 WITH FREE SHIPPING TO THE LOWER 48 BY JANUARY 31 CALL 757-423-3037 or EMAIL [email protected]
10 hrs. agoStarboard SUP Surfing FB Starboard SUP's Chief Innovator, Svein Rasmussen, gets interviewed by Eco-Business and talks on how Starboard is offsetting our carbon footprint, with the goal to not only be carbon neutral but to take back every kilogram of carbon we have ever released: “We’re reducing between 15 and 20 per cent of our emissions, but reductions are incremental and will not get us to zero carbon. But when you plant mangrove trees, that’s when you get momentous change” - Svein
10 hrs. agoPaddlingLight FB This is a serious threat to America's most used Wilderness Area and one of the few devoted to paddling. Please, read and act.
11 hrs. agoGene17 FB Recently & comprehensively updated to ThemeX, our website is now saleable for all devices. Now brighter and clearer than before along with expanded offers on trips as well as a completely new courses web page with all upcoming dates now online:
14 hrs. agoNZSUP FB New Zealand Stand Up Paddling Championship Series coming your way this summer. Registrations for the NZ Technical Championships in Pauanui and the Downwind Champs in Auckland are now open. Thanks to Auckland Paddler Dylan Crummer and his company 6echo for the amazing video edit!
15 hrs. agoAquaBound FB Exploring with the early morning fog & #9729;& #65039; #aquabound #kayaking #canada & #128248; Andrew Strain
15 hrs. agoPau Hana FB The best way to go SUP with friends is on a giant Inflatable in waves!! #pauhanasurfsupply #optoutside #friends #supsurfing #giantpaddleboard #pauhanatime
15 hrs. agoBending Branches FB Our versatile kayak fishing paddles feature a tape measure on the shaft for situations like this! & #127907; #bendingbranches #kayakfishing & #128248; Vincent A.
16 hrs. agoThe Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons FB Another great fish on the Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Ocean Born flying popper. Jackson Kayak
16 hrs. agoFlorida Kayaking FB Florida Kayaker shared ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay's video.
17 hrs. agoStandup Journal FB 'On Saturday @mike_fromcanmore and I decided to see what winter was like on the Bow. What is usually an enjoyable 22KM paddle from Banff to Canmore turned into some true type 2 fun. There were times when we felt like we were doing more walking than paddling. There were times when frostbite was a slight concern. Some of the questions running through my mind: Why am I friends with Mike? What is wrong with me that I say yes to these types of things without hesitation? I have since gotten a few questions about why we did this, and the best answer I can come up with is because when a friend says, 'let's go on an adventure,' you say YES.' Written by, @robinintherockies Hala Gear What's the craziest thing you've ever done on your SUP?
17 hrs. agoGo-Kayaking Some more Pink Fizz Machno action from the weekend. The Dee was huge, but not quite washed out - excellent levels!! & #128247;: Daniel Jones Kayak @pyranhauk Peak UK #HugeDee #ZamDEEzi #deebezi #pyranha #pyranhakayaks
18 hrs. agoCanoe & Kayak Magazine FB The bugs have disappeared with cool nights and your canoe is tied to the tent pole in case you float away amidst the stars.Travelling alone on the land is often romanticized. If you’ve dreamed of paddling alone, there’s an era of romance that likely inspired such an undertaking. The silence of misty portages, crackling campfires, reflecting lakes, the sentiments resonate in both nostalgia and dreams. But what is it that keeps iconic paddlers going out alone beyond the low lying fruit? Beyond the romance, paddling solo is an opportunity to test your skills and have the experiences that might make you a more accountable, well rounded team member down life’s winding trail. Visit the link in below in the comments to read more about what @davidjackson__ believes to be the subtle lessons of a solo trip.
18 hrs. agoCanoe & Kayak Magazine FB From our friends at Kayak Fish
19 hrs. agoDistressed Mullet FB There is an estimated 640,000 tons (1.28 billion pounds) of fishing gear left in the ocean each year. DSM collects and recycles this material into a product that Starboard can then upcycle into gear.
19 hrs. agoAstral FB 'Making mistakes is a healthy part of any thru hike. You can’t successfully backpack over 2,000 miles without making tweaks and adjustments to your original plan. Whether it be your itinerary, gear, or mindset something along the route will be forced to change if you want to continue forward. One of the aspects that I love most about the trail is that it makes you accept your mistakes and learn from them in order to continue forward. The trail is not a place to be perfect, but it is a good place to be smart.' & #9999;& #65039;Jennifer Pharr Davis #astralfootwear #naturefirst & #128247;Jess Daddio — Products shown: TR1 Mesh W's.
19 hrs. agoJackson Kayak FB Bucket lists are amazing BUT so is Hilde! Check out her review and continuation of 'How Old is Too Old? #inspiration #growuptobehilde #teamjk
19 hrs. agoStarboard SUP Surfing FB That feeling when you have a new board to try and can’t get down the beach fast enough. The new 2019 Starboard Longboard will do that to you & #129322; Put you hand up if you were one of those people & #128070; Thanks for sharing the stoke @supnorthdevon. #starboardsup #livethetikilife #longboard #paddleboarding
19 hrs. agoOru Kayak FB Roof rack?! Some of users like the lightweight grab and go appeal of a roof rack. Then simply box up and tuck it away when you get home! & #129300;& #128558; #orukayak | & #128248; @rockwaterdirtgirl #kayaking #kayak #kayakingadventure
21 hrs. agoVictory Koredry FB Few tips to consider when buying your first SUP. #suptip #tipoftheday #sursup #standuppaddle #beginner #boards #gear #guide
21 hrs. agoJackson Kayak FB Nothing short of AMAZING! Loving the stories, videos and photos coming out of this trip of incredible individuals..
21 hrs. agoF-One Stand Up Paddle FB Poenaiki Raioha on & #128293;& #128293;& #128293; Good luck for the APP World Tour in Gran Canaria !
21 hrs. agoNaish Stand Up Paddling FB His and hers, the Mana and Alana 9’5” GTW make the ultimate couples Christmas gift.
21 hrs. agoCanoe & Kayak Magazine FB A harrowing survival incident, and an unexpected rescue, in frigid waters of the Chesapeake Bay highlights the importance of always paddling in a life jacket. U.S. Coast Guard #paddlesafe
21 hrs. agoJackson Kayak FB This will be our biggest ever!! Tune in here tomorrow at 3:30pm CDT to learn what we are giving away, and learn how to enter. Bridgett and Stephen will be here with all the details!
22 hrs. agoSawyer FB We have a winner! #teamsawyer SUP Yoga Center Jess Amendola #standuppaddleboarding #sup #Repost Jess Amendola with @get_repost & #12539;& #12539;& #12539; The making of a photo. & #128514; plus.. & #127881;& #127881;GIVEAWAY WINNER!!& #127881;& #127881; I’m so excited to announce the winner of the SUP Yoga Center Paddle is @wildwondermindful !!! You’ve won one of our stunning wooden paddles by Sawyer Paddles and Oars . you’re going to LOVE IT! Please dm your shipping info to Sawyer!! And everyone else, please leave her some love below and checkout her Instagram !!! She’s got an amazing yoga studio in Wheeling, WV! Congrats Lindsay!! & #10084;& #65039;& #128588;& #127998; For everyone else, enjoy 10% off our paddle through Christmas with discount code HolidaySUP on our website!! Take advantage of this sweet offer that can get you up to $39 off!! & #128588;& #127998;
22 hrs. agoNookie FB Nookie shared a link.
22 hrs. agoAquaBound FB What is your go-to paddling gear? Share your favorites with us in the comments! #aquabound #paddling #paddlinggear
23 hrs. agoNRS FB Fun facts for this Wild & Scenic Wednesday were researched and written by Trout Unlimited: Rio Grande, NM (Wild & Scenic circa 1968) 1. The Rio Grande was the “First to Go Wild,” as one of the original eight rivers designated in the 1968 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Thirteen Native American Pueblos, three US states and four Mexican states share the river. 2. The largest natural spring in New Mexico (flowing at 13 cfs) originates from the bed of the river in the Rio Grande Gorge. 3. The Rio Grande is contained within the largest rift valley in North America (formed by the separation of two tectonic plates). 4. The Rio Grande Gorge was the last major trout fishery to offer guided float-fishing trips, a collaboration of Taos Fly Shop and Far-Flung Adventures. 5. The Rio Grande is known by many names, called: Rio Buenaventura (by Spanish explorers), Rio Grande (in USA), Rio Bravo (Mexico) and Paslapaane (Tiwa Pueblos). Learn 5 fun facts about a new Wild & Scenic River ...
23 hrs. agoLiquid Logic FB Sometimes you go forward and sometimes you go backward!!
23 hrs. agoBadfish SUP FB This photo has us really wanting to know what’s downstream of these two& #129315; Happy #wipeoutwednesday ! & #128248;: #badfishsup #sup #wipeout #inflatablesup #whitewater
Dec 12Kayak Angler Magazine FB Get into some amazing fishing away from it all in Wakulla Florida. Have you fished here before? Article below & #128071; . . & #128247; Chris Funk | & #9997;& #65039; Ric Burnley . #KayakFishing #KayakAngler #Fishing #TightLines #GetBent #BentRods #GoFish #GoneFishing #FishForever #Lunkers #CatchAndRelease #TheTugIsTheDrug
Dec 12Sawyer FB When asked, take out fish prefer #squaretops #teamsawyer #thefeelofwater #sawyermt #madeinoregon #guidelife #flyfishing #Repost @montanaflyfishingoutfitter with @get_repost & #12539;& #12539;& #12539; Take out fish. That was a nice finish to the day.



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