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Boaters are ready to kayak with the rivers running high in Sierra Nevada

Source:Jackson Kayak
When:Jun 14 2019
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The rivers are high the weather is good, and we are ready to go kayaking. After a long winter in the Sierra Nevada’s, the mountains are coated in a thick layer of snow.

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Baits, lures and kayak fishing

Jackson Kayak (21 hrs. ago) - Ask ten people, you’ll probably get ten answers, “what’s your favorite lure color?” We all have our own favorites usually based off our own experience and a high degree of success. Probably the biggest controversy rages over crankbaits.  read more...

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For little one’s on experiencing wild rivers - Fun1

Jackson Kayak (Jan 24) - Our 2019 isn’t only successful starts in slalom and taming the hole, but above all amazing emotions on wild rivers. All this is due to the fact that JK thought about the youngest and has Fun1 on offer. This small boat isn’t only to help your kid be able to pose sweetly for a photo or splash on flat water on a hot day. It turns out that it can successfully serve more ambitious goals.  read more...

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Kayak Fishing For Trophy Size Texas Trout

Jackson Kayak (Jan 24) - Winter time in the coastal bend area of Texas means it’s time to kayak fish for trophy size Texas speckled trout. Cynoscion nebulosus; the spotted seatrout. Also known as specks, spotted weakfish, or yellow mouth.  read more...

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Tube lure, multispecies bait

Jackson Kayak (Jan 22) - With so many choices to cast from your kayak in search of fish it can get confusing as to what bait will work best. I have a short list of “go to” baits that include spinnerbaits, jigs, crankbaits and top water lures for bass. Years ago I discovered the best multispecies bait, a soft plastic tube lure.  read more...

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Bass Fishing Christchurch

Jackson Kayak (Jan 22) - Normally I’d write a report on how the competition went for me but unfortunately though my wife took ill so I missed half of the comp, so I’ll focus on the practice days instead. I do enjoy the practise days, bit more relaxed and the harbour is a bit quieter so it’s a nice place to be. We don’t have venues like this up north so really is a joy to fish somewhere a bit different.  read more...

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