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Shot 100% GoPro HD. The 'into the OUTSIDE' crew drop the cascades of the mighty RIO ORO, on the Costa Del Oro, Mexico. RIO ORO MEXICO is an 'into the OUTSIDE' short film taken from the forthcoming film 'Grapefruit Tacos Tequila White Water'.

The crew travel to Latin America to sample some of the spectacular white water Mexico has to offer. Grapefruit Tacos Tequila White Water follows the into the OUTSIDE boys paddle some of the classics runs, drops and slides in and around Veracruz. The Alseseca's classic S-Bends, Tomato 1 and the Cascades of the Rio Oro are all included as well as the stunning lime stone drops and slides of the Micas, Salto and Santa Maria.

intotheOUTSIDE presents. In associations with subzero and pentax uk, windermere canoe kayak & A new film by Daniel J. Fylan-smtih. Grapefruit Tacos Tequila White Water. From the team who brought you Northern Huk and Kayak Europa 2.0. Join them on another adventure way down in Mexico. Dropping soon. Music Swallow by the Crystal Fighters. Dir. by Daniel J.Fylan-Smith.

an intotheOUTSIDE production 2012.