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Rush Sturges "Who Am I"

Uploaded By: triberiders. Added on: 22 January 2013.
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Written and performed by Rush Sturges Produced by Greg Ellis Artwork: Ekaterina Kulkova ( ) Lyrics: Hendri Coetzee Audio Sample: "We try and justify, what we do. The fact is what we do is unusual. But why this? There are other things to understand. There are other things to do. There are easier and harder things to do. It's not about the hardest thing. I think the people who are drawn to this place... It's a calling. There's other things I can do. But, this is what I should do." [Verse One:] Wake up. Face existence. Days like years. Months, minutes. Twenty seven cycles i've been part of the changes. My knife in the tree of life, carve a name in. Canyons and rains, floods through the plains, blood pump in my veins, we are one in the same. Like the waves when they break, or the earth as it shakes, the fate we create from our birth to the grave. Make no mistake soldier. We're all mortal. Woven in moments, the flow move us forward. I hold my breath, then dive to new depths. I thrive on the edge of what life arrives next. Sacrifice the excess, invest in my freedom. Read these seasons , rings on a tree stump. Freezing finger-tips, bitter like the winter's lips. Kiss of the wilderness, where the inner spirit live. I navigate the infinite, passionately interested. That kid who's taking stabs at what the maximum of limits is. And if you think it's deep, I suggest you dig farther. Find yourself a garden , plant those thoughts where the stars are. And if those heartless <b>...</b>





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