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Rush Sturges "Days Go By"

Uploaded By: triberiders. Added on: 22 January 2013.
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Lyrics to "Days Go By" Written by Rush Sturges Composed by Rudy Slizewski Produced by Steve Berlin Performed by TapWater: There's no time like the present. That's why i'm taking in, each breath, like it's the last I might inhale forever. Putting it in perspective like a panoramic, captured on camera. My birds eye view, over the planet, expanding. Sinking, Atlantis, but it's actually happening. Moving rapidly like the eyes of humanity fast asleep. But aint no way i'll stay complacent. We need to break the chains of this financial system that viscously enslaves us. I want to take it back like Cave Men, ancient, basic, no seven day creation, faithless. Exploration. In this wilderness of consequence. Deliver honestness, common sense, not dominance. The problem seems endorsed by the dreams of our culture. Bleed the resources into glorified fortunes. The rivers into reservoirs, my forests into floor boards, absorb everything, I need MORE! MORE! MORE! Now breathe. (exhale) CHORUS: I see days go by. Watching the sun-rise again. Like a road that has no end. Or an old familiar friend. I set the journey as my destination. We'll stay connected like constellations. Soon I will be home. For now I am gone. [Verse Two:] Let me travel to where this started. Like stardust evolving into a garden. Blossoming, like the dream that we harvest inside the monster. Stay alive constant, time watcher, All of this I am a part of. Lost inside the chaotic carnival of the conscious. Like autumn leaves <b>...</b>





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