The Hurley Classic

Uploaded By: Kicks. Added on: 20 November 2012.
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A quick cut, colour and render. My view of an amazing weekend at Hurley. The Hurley Classic was as big as I've ever seen this year, over 140 competitors from across the UK and the world coming to compete at a variety of different levels. From world champions to complete Novices, the freestyle and boater X events were a joy to watch. Paddlers (In order of Appearance): Paula Volkmer, James Benns, Paul 'Cheesey' Robertson, Seppi Strohmeier, James 'Pringle' Bebbington, Sam Anderson, Finn Burrows, Quim Fontane, Peter Csonka, James Weight, Mathieu Dumoulin, Will Hatt, Katya Kulkova, Rob Harris, Graham Milton, Tim Trew. There are some names of people I didn't know, so if you'd like to to be credited just let me know. I couldn't film everyone, but I tried to capture the viiiiiiibe. Music: Hermitude - Hyper Paradise (Flume Remix) (Credits) - Flume - Paper Thin Check out: for more!