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Gaming, Globe Trotting, Adrenalin Sport
Carbon emission trading, Clean Development Mechanisms, Waste to Energy Technology, Waste management, Tidal, Wind, Solar, Alternative energy, New Energy Sources, Climate change, Global warming, Energy fields, Alternative healing, Quantum Mechanics, Science, Expeditions, Travel, Party, Paddle, Kitesurfing
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About me
I was born of British and American parents in Afghanistan in 1974 and brought up between North West Africa and Western Europe. Spent last 12 years in north, central and South America and currently living in India, after a year and some back in Africa. Have set foot in more countries than I care to count and remember 50+ roughly. English learned at home, French at school and Spanish from travel and work. Have a foreign accent in all languages.

Background in extreme sports instruction, virtual reality, 3d film technology, therapeutic touch, cognitive neuroscience research in sleep and learning disabilities in humans with emphasis on imaging/analysis hardware and software development, child nutrition (war on junk food in USA), eco-cultural-adventure-tourism, sustainable business, renewable energy, remote telecommunications, water pumping, green architecture, waste management and conversion to energy, and immunization cold chain technology development.

Today, in Somone, Senegal, waiting out the instability in Mali.


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