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Surfing a Wave on the Bellyak Play 35 - Classic Front Surf on the Bellyak Play 35. Scout Wave on the Arkansas River in Salida Colorado. Example of surfing ability of the Bellyak. Level: Approximately 2000cfs. Filmed during FIBArk 2013..
Added: Nov 25 2013.

Classic Bellyak Front Surf, Play 35 - Classic Front Surf on the Bellyak Play 35. Bridge Wave in Salida Colorado, approximately 2000cfs. Showcasing the ability of the Bellyak to carve on a wave. Notice how the use of feet allows....
Added: Nov 25 2013.

Bellyak Surfing Salida Hole, FIBArk 2013 - Entering Salida Hole, approximately 2000 cfs during FIBArk 2013. Showing how to surf this type of hole, and demonstrating the "shove it" as well as surfing on knees..
Added: Nov 25 2013.

Glenwood springs Bellyak - Glenwood Springs Colorado, Bellyak surfing..
Added: Aug 6 2013.

Bellyak Surfing, Campground Wave, French Broad River - Adam Masters and Brian Miller bellyak surfing the campground wave on the French Broad River, 8300 cfs..
Added: Jul 11 2013.