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Early Spring Reservoir Largemouth Protection from NW Wind Short Version - Find the spots where big reservoir largemouth come shallow to eat as soon as the buds start dropping from the trees..
Added: Apr 8.

Kayak Bassin' - Austin's First Video - Austin Hoover's first kayak bass fishing video..
Added: Mar 9.

Low and Slow in the Snow: Winter Largemouth in 17 degrees - Jeff and Jed brave 17 degree weather to find largemouth using a slow presentation of lures that are traditionally fished fast..
Added: Jan 25.

"Spring" Time Largemouth in January - Jeff and his buddy Brent hit a small spring influenced river when other area rivers are locked up in ice. Learn how to identify these winter fishing hot spots..
Added: Jan 8.

Winter Largemouth Bottom Bouncers "Waiting for the Interruption" - Jeff Little and his buddy Dave Thompson hit the lake during a snow storm and jig up some deep largemouth. Learn blade bait and jigging tactics..
Added: Dec 20 2013.