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Interviews Neilson race 2013 - .
Added: Mar 27.

The Gringos - The area of Tlapacoyan is getting more popular year after year. Wtih beautiful waterfalls, deep canyons and warm weather, this area provides the perfect playground for class V paddlers. Follow the boys during their 3 weeks trips into the amazing jungles of veracruz La petite ville de Tlapacoyan, dans l'état de Veracruz, reçoit de plus en plus de kayakistes année après année. Les chutes et canyons des rivières Alseseca et Jalacingo ont ce qu'il faut pour plaire aux kayakistes de classe V. Suivez les boys durant leur 3 semaines de kayak dans la jungle mexicaine..
Added: Feb 19.

On our own - 2013 season recap - 2013 has been an incredible season for us. We had a LOT of fun on & off the river. A lot of ideas / projects were concretized and we just kept doing what we love. So, here is our annual season wrap up. Hope you'll enjoy it and learn to know us a bit better! Wish you all a memorable and stout 2014 season and see ya'll here in spring! Woooop! L'année 2013 fut pour nous une saison incroyable composée d'un mélange de plaisir, d'idées, de projets et de réalisations. Le tout, en continuant simplement de pratiquer notre passion et de faire ce que nous aimons. Voici donc notre vidéo récapitulatif annuel. Nous espérons que vous allez apprécier. Nous vous souhaitons une prochaine saison mémorable et remplie de défis, au plaisir de vous croiser ce printemps! Woooot! Mostly shot in Quebec and few shots in Mexico / North East USA Photo cover: © Dylan Stewart Page 2013 Music: Ed Sheeran & Passenger - No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix) Out of it - Brad Sucks The gold lining - Broke for Free Edit: Emrick Blanchette Footage: Quebec Connection Maxime Corneau Mike Mckay Benjamin Gagnon Jean-Philippe Paiement Guillaume Latrompette Morgan Arnaud.
Added: Jan 9.

HighLight Kid Franky - WWGP 2014 entry - Francois L. Nadau a.k.a KID Franky! kayaker goes over waterfall, scary stuff..! Location: Quebec / Mexico/ New York State.
Added: Dec 11 2013.

My Valin - My Valin is a short film about growing up. Growing up to be who you want to be. Following your dreams and your passions. No matter what you find on the road. Follow Louis-Philippe Rivest and friends bombing down the Valin river in St-Fulgence, Quebec, Canada. With a bird's eye view over their descent, it is truly a unique experience to watch. You will discover big boofs, down river freestyle and fun along this movie! Enjoy it! It has been crafted with LOVE. Paddler: Louis-Philippe Rivest, François Brassard, François L. Tremblay, Billy Thibeault, Emrick Blanchette, Raphael Boudreault Simard, François L. Nadeau and Thomas Lavoie. Filmers: Quebec Connection, Maxime Corneau (Heli shots), Gyom Latrompette (latrompette.ca). Helicopter: Louis Bellemare at Hélicoptère Panorama. Music: Garen by Molo Sayat So Many People by Sweatshop Union Written by: Steve Hawking & Mos Eisley Produced by: Preme Diesel Album: Water Street (2008) www.sweatshopunion.com.
Added: Nov 24 2013.