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Sperry Top-Sider - EJ and Dane GoPro Mountain Games - Check out Dane and EJ at the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado..
Added: Jul 18.

Jackson Kayak- Karma Unlimited Promo - Check out the Jackson Team paddling Jackson Kayak's first long boat. This boat is perfect for going down your favorite rivers, fast and controllable. Surfing, overnighters, and of course, racing..
Added: Jun 19.

GoPro- Dane Jackson Practice Lap Homestake - Check out one of my practice laps on Homestake getting ready for the steep creek championships..
Added: Jun 5.

GoPro- Whitewater Grand Prix Boatercross Finals - Check out the chaotic 10 person boatercross finals on the rouge river in Quebec. Results- 1st- Marcos Gallegos 2nd- Joel Kowalski 3rd- Dane Jackson 4th- Rush Sturges 5th- Bryan Kirk..
Added: May 5.

GoPro 3+ Dane Jackson Oceana Kickflip POV - Check out one of the scariest and coolest things i have done..
Added: Apr 14.