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Chaos Theory: Point of Divergence - Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. The point where chaos and zen meet. Nowhere is this most evident in the free flowing river and the power of the water within it. But as the divide between these two worlds grows bigger, we find more beauty in the special moments. Chaos Theory - Episode 3 - Point of Divergence Directed, Filmed, & Edited: Mike McKay Featuring: Capo Rettig & Jaya Krishnan Produced by: NRS & Mike McKay Music: This Will Destroy You Thumbnail Photo: Mike McKay For more information on how to purchase prints of the White Salmon River from Jaya Krishnan email [email protected]
Added: Jun 30.

Chaos Theory: Cause & Effect - Chaoes is a friend of mine. Chaos Theory - Episode 2 - Cause & Effect Directed, Filmed, & Edited: Mike McKay Featuring: Ryan Bailey & Thomas Brown Produced by: NRS & Mike McKay Additional Cinematography: Ben Fraser, Dave Gardner, Ray Canton Also Featuring: Dale Lawrence, Mike McKay, and the Banks crew Music: Thomas Brornw, Dale Lawrence, Mike McKay, Michael Ayers Thumbnail Photo: Mike McKay Special Thanks: Mark Deming, Dale Lawrence.
Added: May 1.

Chaos Theory: Free Will - What role does silence have in all this noise? Chaos Theory - Episode 1 - Free Will Directed, Filmed, & Edited: Mike McKay Featuring: Isidro Soberanes Produced by: NRS & Mike McKay Additional Cinematography: Emrick Blanchette, Ben Fraser Also Featuring: Juan Carlos Hernandez, Valentina Ruiz, Alejandro Vasquez, Adan Dorfmann, Juan Manuel Lopez, Alonso Montoya Music: Juan Carlos Hernandez, Mike McKay Special Thanks: Mark Deming.
Added: Apr 2.

Faces of Jackson Kayak: Isidro Soberanes - New to the Jackson Team, Mexican paddler Isidro Soberanes brings a style for running class 5 creeks and big waterfalls. Get to know Isidro and watch for him on the whitewater scene in the coming months. Filmed & Edited by: Mike McKay Additional Footage: Ben Fraser & Emrick Blanchette.
Added: Jan 20.

The Magpie River - August 2014 an international group rafted, kayaked, and stand up paddle boarded the Magpie River. Accessible only via float plane, this seven-day journey through the remote pine forests of eastern Quebec province is a the trip of a lifetime. www.earthriver.com Filmed & Edited by: Mike McKay Music: 'Time' Hans Zimmer.
Added: Sep 9 2014.






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