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About me
Occupation: Care giver -
Age: 54

As a paddler -caver -I have many had base camps, at several water sheds -since starting whitewater in 1971. I have lived mostly in Ohio, PA. & KY..
Started paddling Whitewater in 1970-my father, James R., he built 14 -K-1's in the garage, for his two sons,(Dale & Dean) and B.A. Troop 376, of the east side of Cols., Ohio.
The J.R. boat is still in to the garage...in great condition.

As of 80-81, I have paddled C-1...and about 9 years of C-2, Partners were Pamela S. Dillion.of Ohio, Ray M. of Green bay,Wis. and my daughters, Julie and Susanna.

Current paddling:
The 'Park and Surf' work outs in my C-1,
Best run-the Meadow Run in Yough River, MD.


·National Award: Commodore's Award for efforts by American Canoe Association

Official Recognition by Governor Voinovich for exemplary efforts promoting volunteerism.

·National Award: produced September 1994 National Safe Boating Council
Chair Award.

·National Finalist-1994 TELLY AWARD for The National Livery Safety System.

·Developed training and public education program The Awareness Boating Series for The Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

·Whitewater River Instructor -America Canoe Association and American Red
Cross-1983 to 1993.

·River Rescue/Swift Water Training: ODNR Watercraft-1983 to 1994.

Cave Guide (seasonal)
Laurel Caverns-Uniontown, PA. (02 - 06)
Guide clients into wild cave, through 3.2 miles of cave system, for
three-hour tours.

First Responder trained and certificated '82-'86-&-'03-'05.

Best -Movie ever-The King of Hearts with Allen Bates. -

I have lived a lifestyle in WHITEWATER Canoe river running, adding, caving, the last 10 years (5 or so as a cave guide).

Best Regards,


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