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Galen Volckhausen 2012 - 13 Highlight Reel - Thanks to Substantial Media House, Nomade, River Roots, and to any one who gave me shots for this edit. Music: Sweatshop Union - Bill Murray Find more updates https://www.facebook.com/pages/Galen-Volckhausen/513852438689033 Jah Bless & enjoy!.
Added: Dec 25 2013.

How to Kickflip (small wave) - Here is a 5 step easy way to do kickflips on a small wave. Shot on the ottawa river in a Wavesport Project X56 www.wavesport.com Airborn Kayaking.
Added: Nov 13 2013.

I'm not a slut I just love kayaking - Nicole Mansfield on Eagle Creek, Oregon. On Metlako Monday Nicole and a group of friends missioned an hour passed Punchbowl Falls to a double drop called Skoonichuck and a rad canyon. Nicole laced up and ran all three big drops, approximately 500 vertical feet. Edit by: Katrina Van Wijk.
Added: May 5 2013.

The Creation of TiTS DEEP - Chapter ONE We aim to build confidence in female's own ability, convincing them to move away from the stereotypical, timid image of what a woman should and shouldn't do, pushing them to test themselves to new levels. Thank you to Richardson GMP, TEVA, and Madawaska Kanu Centre for your support! Edit Katrina Van Wijk Shot on: Canon 7D, Go Pro Hero 2 and Hero 3.
Added: Feb 9 2013.

The Creation of TiTS DEEP ***THE TEASER*** - Ladies who are charging in Extreme Sports. These chicks are considered Tits Deep. We are real, powerful, and bring the most substantial amount of style, and ease into everything we do. This is the Teaser for a short film releasing February 10th- the Whitewater Kayaking Chapter. Edit: Katrina Van Wijk Filmed by: Katrina Van Wijk, Louise Urwin, Louise Jull, Nouria Newman, Fidel Moreno Shot on: Canon 7D, Go =Pro Hero 2.
Added: Jan 22 2013.