Outdoor Retailer 2009

by seanymph . Updated: 5 years ago

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Wave Sport: Fuse 56, design winner "monster": grand prize winner Ben Nelesen, Portland, OR, US. -  - Easley, S.C. (updated July 20, 2009) - The people have spoken. After 10 days of voting, the numbers are in and the winner of the Wave Sport graphics contest is Ben Nelesen of Portland, Oregon. Ben totally captured the "journey" theme, explaining, "I wanted to follow the theme and see if I could convey the lunatic fun that we are occasionally blessed with experiencing in this life." -  - stats: - - 397 incredible entries - - 58 countries represented - - Five, insanely-talented semi-finalists - - Ten days of voting - - Several thousands of votes - - Five very cool graphics that will be produced in full color on a limited edition Fuse 56 for January 2010 (update to original: The contest was so popular, Wave Sport has decided to produce 20 of each graphic for 2010.)
Wave Sport: Fuse 56, design winner: Sam Bevington, London, UK (Old English prison tattoo design) and Jared Schmale, Vancouver, CA (Freedom of skateboarding and kayaking)
Wave Sport: Fuse 56, design winner: Mike Serafin, Chicago, US (Sinuous whale design) and Danny Louten, US (Rad van design).