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Outdoor Retailer 2007 - Seakayaking & Touring

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Impex Kayaks "Hesper" - The "evening star" of the 2008 line: The Impex Kayak Team is proud to add a stable and effective light-touring kayak to their 2008 line. The Hesper is ideal for a variety of paddling destinations, weather conditions, and has everything that you need to go on a long weekend or for an after work paddle. "Happy padding" in this compact light tourer.
Feelfree Kayaks presents its new fishing kayak "Moken": Named to honor the Moken people, whose nomadic sea fishing culture helped them survive the 2004 tsunami, the 13 foot Moken brims with features fisherman crave. From hull form to deck layaout and steering system, you'll find thoughtful details everywhere. It sports a bow gear locker with a two-way hinged hatch cover and two cockpit hatches. There's room aft for a storage crate, live bait bucket or scuba tank. Within reach of the paddler are a handy flip-up console for lures and gear, and a center mounting area for additional fishing rod holders, GPS and electronic fish finder. Further innovations you'll appreciate are the flip-top rudder pedal steering system and the molded in handles on the bow and sides.
Wilderness Kayaks presents its "ZEPHYR 155 & 16.0 SEA KAYAK": - A sporty sibling for Wilderness Systems Tempest family of sea kayaks, the Zephyr is at - home day tripping along the coast, paddling to that long weekend camping spot, or - surfing waves. The maneuverability of this boat allows it to be steered from the bow, for - cruising up the coast or threading the needle in rock gardens and caves. It’s a boat that - will help elevate a paddler’s skill to the expert level. - The Zephyr features a drop down skeg and will be offered in rotomolded and a Pro - composite models.
Impex Kayaks New K-Lite Hulls: K-Lite lamination with a Clear Hull and Epoxy resin is the strongest, lightest and most responsive lay-up Impex has to offer in 2008. The lay-up saves approximately 5-6 lbs. in weight compared to standard Carbon Kevlar.
Impex Kayaks New K-Lite Hulls: - K-Lite lamination with a Clear Hull and Epoxy resin is the strongest, lightest and most responsive lay-up Impex has to offer in 2008. -  - The lay-up saves approximately 5-6 lbs. in weight compared to standard Carbon Kevlar.
First time at OR, Freedom Hawk Kayaks Inc. presents its "Freedom 14" cruising and fishing kayak: Freedom Hawk Kayaks are designed by avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts that have incorporated unprecedented innovation into their kayak designs. It's patented easy to deploy outrigger system, and related features provide a solid sporting platform that really works.
Aire presents its new "Frodo Bag": These wide opening waterproof duffel bags are constructed of PVC fabric and close with a TiZip waterproof zipper. They secure easily to frames and kayaks with four tie down points.
Emotion Kayaks presents its new fishing boat the "Grand Slam": The Grand Slam is featured with - added volume for extra capacity and dryness - dual storage tankwell gives extra space for all the tackle boxes, bags, boxes and extra gear - Overzized bow hatch makes loading and unloading gear and extra rods a snap - Storage compartments built into seat well to carry tackle and small items - Extra hull length makes this boat efficient and stable - Paddle keeper ledge and holder allows you to quickly switch from paddling to fishing in the blink of an eye - Built in pad eyes allows easy installation of all popular aftermarket seats - Adjustable footbraces for comfort and performance - Extra scuppers for added dryness - Neoprene hatch cover and plastic hard hatch keep gear dry and safe.
Emotion Kayaks presents its new kayak "Glide": The Glide is a recreational family kayak and a perfect blend of comfort, stability and performance. Great initial stability for beginners; added secondary stability and V shaped hull aid tracking and performance for discerning paddlers. - The pink version of the Glide benefits Casting for Recovery (breast cancer foundation - 25$).  -
Emotion Kayaks presents its new "Tandemonium": The Tandemonium features an upswept bow for waves, unbelievable speed and a high and dry ride for hours of comfort and fun. Coupled with its rock solid stability, at 13’ 4”, its maneuverability is amazing. Balanced perfectly for solo paddling and designed for multiple paddlers.
Pelican present their "Strait 140" and "Strait 140XE": Sport, escape and new experiences are on the agenda with this family of kayaks. Its design offers cutting-edge hydrodynamic solutions well structured to offer an effective and safe product. The asymmetrical Swede-form hull facilitates speed and tracking while maximizing stern carrying space, while the hard chine V-shaped hull ensures increased secondary stability.
NuCanoe presents its canoe "NuCanoe": Combining the high flotation and durable nature of a sit-on-top hull with the depth and stability of a sport canoe, this hybrid design appeals to fishermen and recreational paddlers alike. The wide, flared hull provides incredible primary stability and facilitates ease of entry and exit. The Adventurer is stable enough to permit standing, whether to cast a line, or to obtain a better downriver view or the fish lurking below. The NuCanoe was designed by Ocean kayak founder Tim Niemier.
KayakPro present their boat "Nemo": A Sea kayak with racing pedigree, Good directional stability, stable, sleek through the water. Features a low line cockpit area and deck to allow unrestricted paddling action. Designed for the lighter to mid-weight paddler. Fitted with deck-lines and hatches and bulkheads as standard. A competition ready sea kayak fits USCA and USACK regulations for races. Designed by Rob Feloy to be the fastest in its class. Fast and smooth on flat water, easy and predictable in a following sea.
Perception presents its touring kayak "Tribute": The Perception Tribute is a 12 foot day touring kayak designed - with performance attributes and ergonomics to specifically fit - women. Based off the signature Perception hull found in Carolina family of kayaks, the - Tribute is effortless to paddle yet stable and very comfortable. The Tribute will be - available in rotomolded polyethylene as well as in Airalite, Perception’s proprietary - lightweight thermoformed construction.
Point 65 is proud to present their new kayak "Whisky 16": The Whisky 16 is an agile touring kayak developed by Nigel Foster for performance paddlers. A spirited playboat for coastal waters, the Whisky 16 is designed with rough water, surf and current in mind for exciting coastal touring near the impact zones. On gentler waters, here is a comfortable easily maneuvered and stable craft to inspire confidence. With capacity for day trips, yet spacious enough for a few days of self-contained expedition paddling, the Whisky 16 comes into its own for exploring narrow passages and akward corners where nimble turning is a delight. Available in vacuum-bagged glass fibre, or in the lighter infusion molded Pro-Lite version (kevlar/carbon hull). - Available by April/May 2008
Valley Sea Kayaks present the new Greenland Kayak "Anas Acuta": - The closest experience to paddling a genuine Greenland kayak. A thousand years of evolution led to this design: - narrow, low, hard chined with graceful bow and stern profiles. When people say 'tratitional' sea kayak, this is what most people think of. Now available with a keyhole cockpit option.
First time at OR Swamp Duck Boats presents its motorizable fishing canoe: The Swamp Duck boat is made from a core composite material like the modern canoe. The composite material makes this boat have a lot of stability and unsinkability and high shock absorption.
Pelican present their new "Strait 120XE" Kayak: The Strait 120XE shares the same features as the 140 model. It is shorter, giving them maneuverability and performance, as well as an excellent compromise between tracking and easy paddling.
Advanced Elements is proud to present the new DRAGONFLY2 XC: The outside cover of the DragonFly XC kayaks is made with two different materials; the topside is a high denier Polyester with a PVC laminate, while the bottom (Hull) is made with a PVC tarpaulin. "PVC tarpaulin" is made by combining two sheets of PVC with a fabric mesh in the middle. In addition the side tubes are covered with a high density fabric to increase performance and durability. The bow and stern rigid forms are built into the cover, which gives the kayak increased performance on the water.
Necky Kayaks present their new touring kayak "Eliza polymer": Named after an island in the San Juans not far from our factory, the Eliza is perfect for small- to medium-build female paddlers. Designed with women's proportions in mind, the Eliza is a touring boat with an efficient hull that handles everything from wind to waves. It's stable for novices, while letting advanced paddlers maneuver it on edge. With a deck designed to shed water and minimize windage, its steamlined design helps paddlers go farther faster with less effort, while its generous cockpit and ergonomic fit make it as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.
Feelfree Kayaks presents its new waterproof bags: "Feelfree Artopia Fusion Batik" brings the art of Indonisian valuable textile aback to life. Feelfree presents a completely new style of contemporary batik with new designs which are "Flame", "Blossom" and "Moon Orchid".
From Wilderness Systems comes an additional member to its - popular Tsunami family, the Tsunami 135. In essence the - Tsunami 135 is a redesign of the Tsunami 140 so that it will ‘fit’ the smaller paddlers - very comfortably yet it retains the great Tsunami performance. In addition to the - Tsunami 135, the Tsunami 120 and 160 are also members of the Women’s Collection.
Stearns presents its "Pointer K1" and "Pointer K2" Kayak: Pointer K1, as the name implies has a very pointed bow and stern and this, combined with a directional strake, and a flat bottom construction makes for a touring kayak. The Pointer K2 is utilizing the same construction and features as Pointer K1, this is the Tandem of the Touring Kayak line, with excellent tracking characteristics.
Point 65 is proud to present their new boat "Double Shot": Open up exciting touring possibilities with your partner! Nigel Foster has developed the tandem Double Shot to go where the singles go! Although fitted with a rudder as standard, the shallow-arch / hard chine hull configuration permits accurate edged-turning for coordinated paddling teams. This combination makes close coastal exploration easier and fun. Nimble for a double, and comfortably stable, the Double Shot has sufficient storage capacity for day-trips and short multiday expeditions, and offers exciting play opportunities for adventurous couples. - Available by April/May 2008
Bic Sport presents its super handy "Yakka": The Yakka was designed for those with limited storage space for their kayak. The principle is similar to other semi rigid, folding boats: it can be folded and stored in a small space. On the water, the Yakka is a high performance kayak that glides along on its rigid hull and provides a paddling experience equal to that of standard rigid-form kayaks. - The Yakka can be set up in minutes: just unfold the hull sections, secure the center support and inflate the sides. For pack-down, simply deflate the sides and fold the hull closed. Once folded, its impact-resistant hull measures only 1.50m (59'') x 76cm (30'') and the inflatable bladders are protected by the durable and smooth PVC materials. - The Yakka is an innovative concept and design that makes paddling accessible and attractive to a wide range of consumers.
Bic Sport presents its "Kalao": The Kalao is a veritable 4x4 of the kayak world. Equally at ease on the sea or rivers, for fun or for fishing, it really is the kayak for all adventures. - Like all BIC Sport kayaks it features plenty of innovations. The fluid, stable hull design makes it simple for a family of two adults and two children to all ride together in complete comfort. That makes it the first true 3 (adult) person sit-on-top on the market, with 3 proper ergonomic seats. - The other big first : it can be adapted to take an electric motor. The largely flat hull design with very little water draught is extremely stable and allows the kayak to go almost anywhere. Such aspects as storing your belongings whilst kayaking, as well as carrying and transporting your kayak have all also received detailed attention. - The fishing version has numerous pluses : 4 rod positions, 2 large watertight boxes, plenty of storage space... - One other important point : it’s unsinkable.
Aire presents its new "D" Series: The popular "D" Series rafts have been improved for 2008 by adding a frame chafe. This has improved its durability, yet it maintains the same sporty characteristics it has come to be known for. The "D" rafts are agile, versatile boats that can accommodate a paddle team run down the local river or an expedition amount of gear.
Pelican present their "Pilot 120 XE": The ideal compromise between easy paddling, tracking and speed, it offers all the features from the Pilot line.
Paddlers Supply presents its new Paddle Park / Rod Holder Kit and Recessed Rod Holder Kit: The Paddle Park / Rod Holder Kit includes all the hardware to install a fishing rod stow or paddle park. Includes those hard to find "lash hooks". Easy to follow installation instructions and diagrams are included. The Recessed Rod Holder Kit includes: recessed rod holder, stainless screws, waterproof cap and neoprene gasket (not shown). Easy to follow instructions and template for cutting a hole in the kayak are included.
Advanced Elements is proud to present the new "DRAGONFLY XC": The New sporty DragonFly XC kayak is so unique that you will have complete strangers asking questions about it. Its bow and stern have fixed rigid forms that help cut through the waves and keep you on course. It has a linear tube cover for increased rigidity and durability. It has molded rubber-grip handles, bungee deck lacing, padded seat rests, mesh accessory pocket and tracking skeg and foam floor. This multi-use boat is for anyone who enjoys the water. From lakes and mild rivers, to bays and estuaries, it is a delight to get on the water quickly without lugging around a heavy cumbersome hard-shell boat.
Aire presents its Waterproof Kayak Cargo Hold: The fully waterproof cargo hold is constructed with PVC fabric and a waterproof zipper. It fits neatly and securely into the bow or stern of inflatable kayaks.
Ocean Kayak presents its new Fishing Kayak: The Prowler Trident 15 Angler Features are a "Transducer Compatible Scupper, which is an enlarged scupper molded into the prowler line. This scupper has been specially modified to accommodate a transducer.", a "Sonar Shield: this storage compartment is featured on the Prowler Trident. Store your fish finder under the shield to protect it during transit or through the waves. Pop up the fish finder and use the shield to reduce the glare of sunlight for an easier screen reading." and a "Battery Shelf / Bag: the Prowler line features a better shelf / bag found just inside the bow hatch. This storage system is designed to conveniently house the battery of your fish finder."
Necky Kayaks present their new touring kayak: The new composite Eliza™, designed for women by women, sets a new standard in touring kayaks,” said Sara - Knies, Director of Marketing for Necky® Kayaks. “Using a cored construction throughout the boat allows for a stiffer and lighter hull which translates into an extremely durable kayak with superior efficiency and responsiveness on the water.”
Feelfree presents its "Snap Hang Tag": Keep your personal items close at hand during any outdoor activity where wetness threatens your small items. Wallet, cell phone, MP3 player, ignition key, GPS and map stay dry and secure. You can carry the bag with its shoulder strap for onshore excursions. These sturdy bags are made of heavy duty PVC and the seams are RF Welded for strength.
Stearns presents its Light compact and portable Tender Runabout: Completely covered by an outer nylon hull on the top and coated fabric on the bottom with wooden floor slats which make these boats very stable, rigid and durable. Includes pressure guage model Mano-4280A. Construction: two separate air chambers, wooden floor slats, covered transom, rub strake.
Paddlers Supply presents its Kayak Fishing Anchor: This 3 lb folding kayak ancor comes with its own extra tough poly mesh bag. The bag resists mildew, sheds water easily and comes with a Cordura cuff and draw string. A heavy duty nylon snap won't mar plastic kayaks and easily clips to existing deck lines. 50 feet of 1/4" nylon line included.
Hobie presents its "Mirage i14T": A kayak for two, that you can take anywhere. The Mirage i14T inflates easily with a supplied pump and deflates quickly for storage and travel.
Hobie presents its "Mirage i 12s": This 12 foot single is perfect for those who are short on room and storage. It packs nicely within its own rolling travel bag, so it can fit in the trunk of your car.
Advanced Elements is proud to present the new Straitedge 2: the first tandem sit-on-top inflatable kayak to incorporate an aluminum bow and stern frame to improve tracking in open water conditions. Three seating positions allow for the kayak to be set up in solo or tandem mode.
Stearns presents its "Coral Sea": The Coral Sea is a versatile and very stable hybrid, equipped for any user. This boat, is built with durable materials, has all the features to allow it to be equipped just the right way for any type of use. It also includes a stainless steel mooring ring and fittings for the motor mount bracket for attaching a motor of up to 2.5HP.





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