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Sweetwater Kayaks Symposium   By Jeroen


Sweetwater Kayaks Symposium
Date: 2013-02-22 - 2013-02-24
Status: OK
Level: -
Type: Symposium



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When: 2013-02-22 - 2013-02-24
Where: USA, FL, St. Petersburg

Kayak symposiums have changed the face of kayaking by bringing world class coaching to many places that normally would not have that level of coaching available.

Some of the top names in the kayaking/canoeing world will be at our symposium in 2013. People that want to have fun, informative time in the warm Florida weather will be here. From beginners to advanced paddlers, there will be something for everyone!

Personal skills courses, coaching courses, and assessments as well as evening presentations and lots of opportunity to mix it up with paddlers from all over the world!

So come on out and join Sweetwater Kayaks for a fun, educational time in the Florida sun this February.

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