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1733 Monrovia Ave.
Unit R
Costa Mesa
CA 92627

Phone: +1 888.295.0482

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quickblade Kanaha Elite Racer
quickblade Kanaha-All Carbon
quickblade Kanaha FG
quickblade Sweeper
quickblade Big Mama Kalama

Paddles by Brand

quickblade: 23 listings.

  Year   Name
2012  Quickblade Flyweight FG / CA
2013  Quickblade Swift Sweeper
2010  Quickblade Big Mama Kalama
2010  Quickblade Big Mama Kalama Hybrid
2012  Quickblade Elite Flyweight All Carbon
2010  Quickblade Kanaha All Carbon
2010  Quickblade Kanaha Elite Racer
2010  Quickblade Kanaha FG
2010  Quickblade Kanaha Hybrid
2010  Quickblade Kanaha-All Carbon
2012  Quickblade Magic All Carbon
2012  Quickblade Micro Fly All Carbon
2013  Quickblade Micro Fly FG / CA
2010  Quickblade Newtron
2010  Quickblade Proton
2012  Quickblade Slim Jim - All Carbon
2012  Quickblade Super Fly 92 All Carbon
2013  Quickblade Super Fly 92 FG / CA
2010  Quickblade Sweeper
2010  Quickblade Sydney
2010  Quickblade Tiger Claw
2014  Quickblade Trifecta
2014  Quickblade V Drive All Carbon

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